2020 PACOOP – “LetMeWin3437” Wins Main Event

The 2020 PokerStars Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker (abbreviated as PACOOP) wrapped up after the Main Event came to an end. It required the buy-in of $300 and offered a total of $200,000 in guaranteed prizes.

The event attracted 1,013 entries who managed to increase the prize pool to $283,640, which is a considerable increase from the original guaranteed prize. In the end, a player nicknamed “LetMeWin3437” managed to win the title, winning the biggest share of the prize pool – a total of $46,319.13. Moreover, they had a spectacular finish of the tournament, making the Main Event of the 2020 PACOOP a truly exciting competition.

LetMeWin3437 also won another title on Sunday, when they topped Event #45: $100 No-Limit Hold’em (PKO) for a total of $5,490.84, while the guaranteed prize pool for it was $30,000.

Incredible Three-Way Hand

One of the most important hands of the event took place just before the final table, when LetMeWin3437 managed to win an incredible three-way showdown against “love2playpoker” and “DakDakAce.”

Namely, “staxthagawd” started the action by raising to 750,000 and DakDakAce followed soon after. love2playpoker then raised to 3,177,775 in the small blind, and LetMeWin3437 decided to shove all-in for 11 million.

At that moment, staxthagawd decided to fold, while DakDakAce and chip leader love2playpoker decided to call the all-in. All of a sudden, there were 33 million chips at the table at that very moment. LetMeWin3437 had a pair of queens. DakDakAce had a pair of aces, and love2playpoker had a pair of kings. What a deal!

The flop was J-9-4, and it didn’t change anything for the players, but the turn was a King, giving love2playpoker a winning hand as they had three kings. However, a 10 appeared on the river, meaning LetMeWin3437 had a straight hand of 9, 10, J, Q, K. The amazing twist happened with the very last hand, reminding everybody that moments like these are why we love to play poker.

DakDakAce was out of the game at that point, and love2playpoker lost their significant chip lead to LetMeWin3437. Everything was then set up for the final table that the winning player entered with a huge chip advantage. Some would say that the final hand took place before the actual final hand! However, the winner decided to give one last surprise in the heads-up.

In the final hand against staxthagawd, when blinds were 400,000/800,000, LetMeWin3437 decided to raise to 1,600,000 and their opponent three-bet to 5,600,000. Then, LetMeWin3437 chose to go all-in for 15 million, having an ace of hearts and a seven of spades in their hand. On the other hand, staxthagawd had only 5-3 suited (clubs). The board showed 9-8-4-8-2, but four out of five cards were spades, just like the seven that LetMeWin3437 had in their hand, making them the victor of the event.

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