2019 USPO — David Peters Wins Main Event and Overall Championship

The 2019 US Poker Open championship has finally come to an end, with the Main Event being the last in the series of events where we were able to witness poker history being created. There were a total of 10 events, and the Main Event was the tenth one which managed to turn the tides and make David Peters the ultimate champion of USPO 2019.

Event #10: $100,000 Main Event saw a total of 33 runners, and the final table consisted of five players, with Sean Winter being the favorite to win the title. However, he fell short of doing that, and Peters managed to snatch $1.32 million along with the additional prize money from being crowned the champion of the USPO Championship where he managed to win $100,000. In other words, if Sean Winter hadn’t failed, he wouldn’t have paid the way for Peters to win the title. Peters was very determined to win the main event, and he probably wouldn’t have settled for anything less than that. He was successful in his effort and reaped the rewards for trying his best.

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Peters Said a Couple of Things About His Victory

Peters stated that the victory felt amazing as he had managed to achieve it at a very prestigious tournament which was a part of a great series. Furthermore, he added that the fact that he had been able to overtake Sean Winter and take the Championship title just by 10 points invoked in him a “pretty-pretty crazy feeling.”

Peters added that he was just trying to always get better by putting in hundreds of hours of practice, and it felt great to see that the hard work he had been doing had finally paid off. Peters expressed that he was always hungry for learning more when it comes to playing poker and improving poker skills. He added that he always wanted to get better and that he was not going to stop in his effort, hoping that it was all worth it in the end.

It definitely was worth it this time, as he managed to make a huge achievement in his professional poker career.

Who Played at the Final Table?

As previously mentioned, there were a total of five players sitting at the main table, and the first one to go out was Ryan Riess, who managed to win $264,000. He was followed by Martin Zamani and Keith Tilson, who earned $330,000 and $528,000 respectively. The player who hit the rail in third place was Keith Tilson with $858,000, which left Christ Hunichen to play the heads-up part of the game against David Peters.

Peters had a 2:1 chip lead in the heads-up play and did not take long to beat his opponent, managing to make a victory with nines against an ace-eight in Hunichen’s hand.

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