2008 WSOP Results Event #3: David Singer Croons Victory

The third event of the 2008 World Series of Poker, a 3-day $1,500 PL Hold’em event, was taken down by professional poker player David Singer yesterday. Of his many lucrative accomplishments, the one achievement that has eluded Singer all these years was the reward of a coveted WSOP Bracelet. I’m sure the 1st place prize of $214,122 was appreciated, as well!

As the WSOP event began its second day, Singer found himself very short-stacked – the second lowest in the tournament, in fact. By day three, things weren’t looking much better – aside from the fact he had not been ousted – entering into the final table of nine with, once again, the second lowest chip stack of 83,000, only slightly better than Glen Bean’s 75,000. Joe Tehan of New York took the high-stack honors with 458,000.

After the first three eliminations – Glen Bean, Al Barbieri and Zachary King respectively – Singer had jumped from second lowest to second highest chip stack, behind Jacob Fernandez. Joe Tehan and Russ Harriman were the next to exit, followed by Robert Lipkin and Gregory Alston.

Heads-up play commenced between David Singer, with the low stack of 935,000, and Jacob Fernandez at 1,245,000. After some a brief skirmish of poker, both stacks were near dead even, and the two agreed upon a dinner break. Upon returning to the table, Singer found his chips slowing dwindling. Just when it looked like Fernandez had him beat, however, Singer gained his second win and began a tenuous come-back march.

The second to last hand saw Singer’s chip stack erupt into an enormous lead, holding 1.7 million to Fernandez 400k. One last hand would see an end to the PL Hold’em event. With a board of 3d-5s-7d-6c, Singer forced Fernandez to call all-in. Singer flipped a Q-4, revealing a Straight, while Fernandez’s 7-3 both paired the board, but could not compete. A Jh on the river sealed his fate as David Singer was awarded $214,131 and his first gold WSOP Bracelet. Fernandez earned $136,643 for a 2nd place finish.

The final table results of 2008 WSOP Event #3 were as follows:

1st – David Singer ($214,131)
2nd – Jacob Fernandez ($136,643
3rd – Gregory Alston ($82,725)
4th – Robert Lipkin ($67,640)
5th – Russ Harriman ($55,474)
6th – Joe Tehan ($43,796)
7th – Zachary King ($34,063)
8th – Al Barbieri ($26,764)
9th – Glen Bean ($19,464)

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