Nagasaki Prepares for IR Big Time

Japan has been at the center of attention for more than a year when it comes to casino operators, as it brought a couple of laws that loosen their tight perspective on gambling. One of the bills even proposes building three integrated resorts (IRs) in the country. The bill sparked quite a controversy among the Japanese public, but it was eventually voted both by the Lower and the Upper house. In other words, the IRs can officially be built, but there are two things that need to be chosen first.

First of all, the Japanese government needs to choose three casino operators who will receive a license for building and running the three integrated resorts. The other choice that the government has to make is that of a place, and one of the primary choices was the prefecture of Nagasaki — the city of Sasebo, to be precise.

The city in Nagasaki recently re-elected their mayor Norio Tomonaga, who thanked all the voters for trusting him. He immediately got down to business, which includes preparing the city for possible IR. During his campaign, Tomonaga did not hide that the IR is ranked very high on his priority list as he believes that it could pose a powerful positive impact on the area and further increase its wealth and perspective.

Even the governor of Nagasaki prefecture, Hodo Nakamura, had a lengthy speech where he presented some of the points why Nagasaki would be a perfect place for one of the three IRs.

Local Businesses Prepare for IR

However, the mayor is not the only one who actively prepares for the entire thing as local businesses also joined forces in order to create a new initiative that should start in September. According to a statement which was issued by the business council of Sasebo and Nagasaki Marine IR Promotion Council, both private and public sectors are doing all they can in order to attract the government to choose the city as one of the IR areas.

One of the first steps that the city is going to take is to organize a seminar that would educate all the local businesses how to make business plans that would be in alignment with the plans to attract the integrated resort into the city. The seminar will host some of the industry leaders who will speak on plan designs and engagement with casino operators. The names of speakers are still not confirmed, but they are expected to be the creme de la creme of the industry.

The Sasebo alliance also created a digital presentation that the operators will have an opportunity to watch in order to learn how to interact with businesses in the city. Some of the things that will be displayed in the presentation will include training locals, service procurement, and more. The decision by the government is expected anytime now, and Sasebo is doing a pretty good job right now at gaining the favor of both operators and the government.

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