Casinos on Strip Ranked Higher on COVID Exposure List

Casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip have been allegedly a high COVID infection source despite taking all the necessary steps to maximize health and safety measures. Las Vegas Review-Journal obtained analyses about the disease investigation, and it seems that many infections were traced to casinos on the Strip in June, July, and August.

One of the locations that stand out as the highest infection source was The Cosmopolitan, but other neighboring properties on the Strip don’t fall behind in numbers. The analyses were conducted in July and August proved that hotels and casinos in Las Vegas ranked high in the “possible exposure sites” list compared to all other businesses in the area.

Samuel Scarpino, Head of Emergent Epidemics Lab at Northeastern University, stated that the data “painted a picture” of hotels and casinos in Vegas being a high source of infection.

But it seems that not everyone agrees with this data, with the loudest ones being casino representatives and officials, who are claiming that there are insufficient data to confirm the claim. Shannon Litz of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services stated that the data was “more a reflection of a general community spread” instead of being an issue specific to a particular business or employer. However, she added that the matter does require further investigation from regulators.

One of the Cosmopolitan workers stated weeks ago that they felt unsafe due to an increasing number of positive tests among workers on the casino floor. Since then, Las Vegas Review-Journal was pushing to receive access to public records and finally received the insight that proved many concerns — that casinos were still unsafe.

The Cosmopolitan Issues a Statement

One of the names that stood out in the report was The Cosmopolitan, as it was supposedly the leader in infection spread. The officials issued a statement on Friday, saying that The Cosmopolitan has “implemented and enforced an extensive set of health and safety policies and procedures.” Moreover, the statement reads that these policies “meet or exceed” local health official’s directives. The Cosmopolitan’s spokespeople promised that they would adapt practices to make sure they were “in alignment with the latest knowledge and guidance from medical and safety professionals.”

According to LVRJ, there were more than 63,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases in Clark County, and 1,300 of them passed away.

There’s even a list of the properties with possible exposures, and the Cosmopolitan is on top of it with 304. Bellagio follows with 154 possible exposures, and the list also includes MGM Grand (133), The Venetian (89), and Caesars Palace (86).

Apart from casinos, the only location where a lot of cases have been confirmed was the Clark County Detention Center, where all inmates were tested for COVID, and a total of 93 cases were confirmed. This puts the Detention Center on the fourth overall place when it comes to the number of infections in the area.

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