Delaware Exploring Online Casino Changes

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The state of Delaware is one of the few in the country that have legalized online casino gambling, but it hasn’t been a big market at all. There is a chance that this market could get more competitive in the near future as a new bill has been introduced in the state. 

House Bill 365 was recently introduced in the state, and it’s main focus is taking a look at the online sports betting scene. Currently, BetRivers is the lone operator in each industry, but that could change as lawmakers are hoping to make more licenses available. 

This new bill would allow for five more online sports betting operators to enter the state, and it looks like there is plenty of support to get this done. BetRivers would remain the lone online casino operator, but there is language in the bill to change that in 2028 and beyond. 

BetRivers could also decide to leave the state altogether as it would not likely be able to enjoy a ton of online sports betting success. There is still some work to be done, but lawmakers are hoping to add some revenue by opening things up a bit more. 

More Money Needed

Delaware is never going to be a major online gaming market, but the state is currently leaving some money on the table. Lawmakers don’t really have a good estimate as to how much more money can be brought in, but a change in the sports betting scene would give them more information. 

Delaware is one of two states that allow just one online casino operator, with the other state being Rhode Island. BetRivers was able to launch in the state of Delaware after Rush Street Interactive agreed to a deal with the state. 

Lawmakers in the state are not currently interested in increasing the tax rate for iGaming, but adding more operators should bring in more tax revenue. All of the tax revenue goes into the state’s General Fund, and that money is then dispersed between many different groups. 

Education is a big part of the General Fund, but there are also groups that focus on public safety and child and family services. It’s likely that more sports betting operators would increase the money flowing in, and lawmakers will want that from online casino gaming as well. 

Other Operators Monitoring

Despite Delaware being a state with a very small population, it’s still a state that would be attractive to other online sports betting operators. DraftKings and FanDuel are the two leaders of online sports betting, and both would be interested in snatching up a license. 

Not only would those two operators immediately pass BetRivers up as an iGaming option in the state, but they should generate plenty of new excitement. Those two operators have proven that they can attract customers, and they would also be looking to get into the online casino gaming industry. 

There are still a number of key details that will need to be worked out with this bill, but things are trending in the right direction.

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