Nude Woman Commits Crime in Vegas’ Newest Casino

Circa Resort is the newest addition to the Las Vegas family of land-based casinos. It opened its doors to visitors last December, and it officially was home to a crime that recently took place. It is not uncommon for casinos to be subjects to criminals and petty thieves, so it is safe to say that Circa could be welcomed into another club — a club of casinos that hosted crimes.

However, this type of crime was rather unusual, as the incident itself is unique, featuring a completely naked woman as the main actor in this series of events.

As stated in Las Vegas Review-Journal, a nude woman entered the fire control room of Circa Resort, where she started to shut off power to all kinds of equipment in the property.

The Incident

Alissa Neeley was a guest at the Circa several days ago when suddenly rose to fame due to her actions. It was around 9:30 PM on Monday night when the 28-year-old woman was ordered to leave the property premises after she walked through with nothing but her birthday suit. On top of that, she entered the rooms that were off-limits to anyone but the staff at the hotel.

Approximately 30 minutes after Neeley exited the property, the casino experienced a power outage. First of all, there were no obvious connections that anyone would do such a thing on purpose, but that changed very soon.

Circa is a relatively new property, and occasional glitches, such as short power outages, were bound to happen. At least that is what everyone thought before a maintenance worker started investigating the source of the outage.

However, he was surprised to find that there was a nude woman sitting in a chair in the control room, with control switches bent all around her. Moreover, she disabled all the wires in the room, causing mayhem to the power supply.

The maintenance worker called security, who immediately put on handcuffs to naked Neeley, waiting for Las Vegas Metro Police to arrest her.

Neeley Taken to the Detention Center

After the police arrived, Neeley was taken to Clark County Detention Center, where she was booked and let go. Her final charge was “theft of a fire-prevention device.” Apart from that, Neeley was ordered to stay away from Circa Resort. However, there was no information on whether Neeley was ordered to wear clothes in public.

The power outage in Circa casino lasted for approximately three hours. During that time, slot machines, elevators, and fire alarms were not working, and the damage that Neeley caused was around $5,000.

Circa is now investigating how Neeley managed to get access to a control room that should have been locked. As a result, the resort is increasing its security measures in order to prevent similar scenarios from occurring.

Las Vegas has seen a fair share of crimes over the years, especially during its early years. However, the situation has improved lately, and most cases come down to petty theft or naked women disabling equipment and causing power outages.

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