Illinois Online Gambling Legislation Falls Short

Illinois Gambling Expansion Bill Falls ShortThe state of Illinois has been fiercely debating a gambling expansion as part of the current legislative session, however, it looks like the bill will fall short. The new bill would have seen a great expansion to gambling in the state but the governor of the state refused to allow such expansion unless provisions he wanted in a gambling bill were added.

Governor Pat Quinn has commented in the past that he will never sign an expansion for gaming unless a comprehensive pension reform is included in legislation. Quinn will not even consider gambling legislation unless this type reform plan is added.

The new bill, which did not move out of the State House, would have seen Chicago adding a casino in the style of Las Vegas as well as giving the state gaming control board the control rights of the new casino project. The new gaming options would have brought in a great deal more money to the state as well as provided much needed jobs. A minimum of $1 billion in tax revenues were estimated with the expansion as well as the addition of more than 100,000 jobs.

Those who supported the new measure felt as though residents of the state were leaving to neighboring states to be able to gamble. Such states as Indiana and Iowa offer gambling options and players simply leave Illinois to go and play games. This means that revenues the state could be earning are being spent elsewhere.

The state of Illinois has a very large population and could do quite well with expanded gambling options. The state has too few gambling establishments and poker facilities and is far from taking advantage of the revenue potential. Those in favor of the legislation must now wait and see if a new measure will be created and will actually be passed in the state or if the thought of expanded gambling options will never come to fruition.


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