Federal Bill Backing Online Poker to be Re-Introduced Soon

Over the past few months, poker fans have watched as individual states in the US have created legislation either legalizing online poker or banning the option. Of course, players of the game want to see the option open such as it is in New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware but some states are just not open to the idea.

However, as individual states ponder this option, federal legislation may be on its way. According to a recent report by Reuters, federal legislation should be introduced soon by Peter King and Joe Barton, both high-ranking U.S. Congressmen.

Federal legislation would allow states to offer online poker and be open to larger player pools with other states. As of now, most options are only available in the individual state so this makes it difficult for operates and lowers the amount of players that are available in the pools as compared to if players from more than one state were available.

However, if legislation is introduced by Barton and King, it is sure to face opposition. A federal option would preempt those states that already offer online gambling options. In the past, federal online poker bills have failed, however now that states are beginning to open up the idea, those in power may decide to pass the option.

The new federal bills are believed to have certain language that would allow states to choose whether or not they want to meet the poker requirements on a federal level. Individual states will be allowed to opt out or opt in, whichever they prefer. It will be interesting to see if the bills come to fruition and if they meet any strong opposition.

According to a recent report by the American Gaming Association, if federal legislation is passed the option of online poker would create around $10 billion in additional revenues by the year 2017. The AGA found that around $4 billion is currently going to illegal sites.

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