Visitors of the Resorts World Casino Smash Slot Machines after Losing

What does a typical night at a casino look like? Mostly, people play a couple of different games and spend some time spinning the slots in order to test their luck. If they were lucky, they would bring home some extra cash and spend some of it on a drink or two. If they had no luck, they would probably exit the casino feeling a bit frustrated and under the weather.


However, it is a whole different story in the New York City and the visitors of the Resorts World Casino there tend to do something completely unique, but not so good for the casino – they tend to smash the slots if they lose money, letting their frustration out on the machines.

According to the police reports from New York, many of the players in this casino simply smash the machines and break the slots once they find out that luck was not on their side. The reports state that this was not something that happened just one or two times.

In fact, the number of smashed slots started increasing and the players who did all the bashing and smashing were mostly under the influence of alcohol, thus unleashing their anger onto the slot machines.

Now it is time to show you the numbers. The reports state that from the time casino opened in October 2011, until August 2018, there were a total of 491 arrests in the casino due to mischief. Almost all of the misbehaviors are connected to the drunk gamblers beating the slot machine, not being contempt with the outcome of their spins.

The casino currently offers more than 6,000 slot machines and all of them are not really made to withstand being repeatedly smashed. In fact, the slots are rather easy to break and it only takes a couple of serious hits before it crumbles down completely.

This means that in many cases, the players would not actually use all of their force to hit the machine. Sometimes it is just a little stronger tap on the slot. However, it is all it takes for the machine to get broken down. In many cases, the players could not believe that they actually managed to break the machine with just a tap, according to the police reports.

The officials of the casino saw the problem with slot machines and decided not to call the police every time someone hits the slot out of the frustration. However, once they take it too far, the do what they have to do. At that point, the person who broke down the slot is offered two choices – either to pay for the repair of the machine or to go to jail for their inadequate actions. The cost of the repair would range anywhere from $600 to $1400. Most of the people prefer the paying option.

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