The Culinary Union Files a New Mass Lawsuit Against Station Casinos

The Culinary Union Files a New Mass Lawsuit Against Station Casinos

The state of Nevada requires all casinos that called off their employees due to the Coronavirus pandemic to call them back. But recent reports state that Station Casinos isn’t willing to recall its staff after it laid them off.

The Culinary Union revealed its plans this week to sue Station Casinos for violating the Nevada Hospitality and Travel Workers’ Right to Return Act.

Governor Sisolak signed the legislation in 2021, and it ensures that all hospitality and casino employees, together with the travel and stadium-related workers, are rehired by their employers.

The Union believes that Station Casinos is still violating the act. It claims that the casino operator is hesitating to recall back its workers after the state eased its COVID-19 restrictions.

The Culinary Union’s Opinion

The Culinary Union said that about 98 percent of its members were called off at the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Today, only 80 percent of the members have returned to work.

The Union states that the Act protects the highlighted workers, but most of them haven’t joined any workers’ Union. Even so, their employers should recall them back to their work despite lacking union protection.

The workers’ Right to Return Act has a few existing mandates that each operator must follow. Besides, any worker who was called off after March 12, 2020, because of the nationwide economic crisis resulting from the Coronavirus outbreak is eligible under this legislation.

Employers who are covered should recall each worker that they had laid off once a similar job position occurs. Still, it can be for the same position.

The Act states that employees must get the job offer and reply in a day to decline or accept it. Also, they must be willing and ready to resume work within five days after receiving the offer.

The law clears employees of any obligation in case someone decides to decline the offer or if they are unreachable by call, email, text, or mail. The Culinary Union is criticizing Station Casinos for not prioritizing its employees’ interests. Yet, the casino operator hasn’t responded to the lawsuit.

How Will It Affect Employees?

Nevada is different from other American states in various ways, like its entertainment and hospitality industries. Regions like Reno and Las Vegas heavily depend on these sectors to survive. But, they shut down when the pandemic started as tens of thousands of workers were retrenched, including the Culinary Union’s members.

Most of the employees were at home for several months until hotels and casinos started resuming their operations late in 2020. Still, some workers didn’t return to work immediately as various gaming and entertainment establishments operated at limited capacity.

Nevada lawmakers created the Right to Return Act to ensure that employers would call back workers who they had laid off. They are supposed to hire them in the same position or a similar one.

The legislature’s objective was to offer the recalled employees an opportunity to hold their initial positions before employers started hiring new workers. Some people returned to their old workplaces while others got new jobs.

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