Texas Card House Dallas Maintains Its Operational Status After Winning an Appeal

Texas Card House Dallas Maintains Its Operational Status After Winning an Appeal

The Texas Card House Dallas’ Certificate of Occupancy (COA) was revoked in January without a valid reason. This prompted the card room to release a statement assuring poker players that it was determined to face the legal battle even though it would take a while. But, the Board of Adjustment (BOA) recently voted 5-0 in favor of the Texas Card House, thus allowing it to continue accepting bets.

The Texas Card House Has Resumed Its Operations

Dallas initially gave the Texas Card House to a membership club work approval, and it instructed it to pay a particular fee. The room doesn’t earn a commission on wagers and gamblers to bet an equal winning shot. Still, the city changed its law’s interpretation and ended up revoking the Card House’s certificate.

Ryan Crow, Chief Executive Officer of Texas Card House, informed the Observer that the house was thrilled after hearing the board’s decision on the matter. The Texas Penal Code has a loophole that allows card rooms to operate.

Still, Texas hasn’t legalized gambling except in specific tribal lands. Yet, bettors can play poker games if they are fair, happen in private places, and none one else gets economic benefits except personal winnings.

Some people consider the rake as a major economic benefit of playing poker. So, a game will be free if a card house doesn’t take the rake.

Dallas’ position on this issue was clear in the board meeting. Gary Powell, its senior assistant attorney, looked into the poker issue and how the Texas Card House should operate. According to him, the state constitution’s exceptions about poker are only applicable in an individual’s house, and it is called the “private establishment section of the law.”

Powell states that a card room doesn’t qualify to be a private establishment if it has more than 600 players in a day. Even so, the City Council, Dallas Plan Commission, and the Dallas Attorney’s Office allowed the Texas Card House to operate. It has been using the approved business model since its resumed operations.

The city’s senior assistant attorney believed that Dallas needs to remove the certificates of occupancy as it lacks a clear understanding of Nevada’s law on when enterprises were allowed to operate. The board disagreed with him, and some members stated that they lack the mandate to determine if the card room is violating the law.

The Texas Card House has been reinstated and permitted to offer different poker services. Also, some poker rooms, like Top Shelf, whose certificates had been revoked, are optimistic that they will get approvals to operate soon.

Top Shelf Poker Room Is Seeking to Get Approved to Offer Gaming Services

Flint, another city in Texas, is 30 minutes drive away from Dallas. It hosts the Top Shelf Poker Room, which was shut down after being raided earlier this month.

The card room is a private social club that charges players a membership fee and an extra fee for participating in club activities like playing poker. Jess Vann, the property’s co-owner, said after the room’s certificate was revoked that Top Shelf has valid permits and a business license to offer poker services.

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