Major Robbery Takes Place during Texas Poker Game

Just a few days ago a major robbery took place in Texas. Twenty four players sat down to their usual poker game only to have it interrupted by an armed group of robbers. The suspects barged into the poker game with AK47s and fired their weapons in the air before stealing money and other items from the poker players.

Texas poker robberyThe robbery took place in Austin, Texas on the west side of Travis County. The robbers entered the building swiftly in the early morning hours, firing their weapons and then they forced the players to lay face down on the floor. The robbers then stole the player’s money, wallets, phones and car keys before they left the premises.

Pokerati broke the news story and a witness to the robbery was quoted on the news site on what happened during the robbery. The witness said: “Gunshots were fired inside. They kept yelling at us not to look up or move, so we didn’t know if people were shot.  ****** saved our lives. He obeyed them, rationalized with them, showed them closet with money, but had no key, they harassed him, and they shot or kicked the doors in.  Over nine cops were arriving as we drove away. They stopped us and interviewed us individually. We’re very concerned for our safety and catching criminals, not even a question of poker game. Helicopters, forensics, detectives and K9 were all lining the street.”

Since the robbery took place, the Austin police have caught one of the robbers. The man used a stolen credit card at a club later that night or the next day so police had a good lead to catch him. Hopefully the arrest will lead to more arrests in this case.

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