Sheldon Adelson Might Have Ended the Trade War

It seems that Sheldon Adelson, who is a good friend of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, might have put a de facto full stop on the trade war that has been raging on between the US and People’s Republic of China. How so?

If Adelson did, in fact, persuade Trump to end the war, the stocks of Macau are definitely going to go up. However, it’s still just speculation, and there is a wider picture that we should consider.

Adelson is a casino mogul, and he is very interested in cooperating with Macau, which is one of the biggest casino markets in the world. The problem with Macau is that it is located in an area controlled by the Chinese government, and as such, suffers direct consequences from the trade war.

But there are other threats that could affect the Macau market as well. As you may know, there have been demonstrations going on for quite a while now in Hong Kong, which are aimed at the government of China. This could erupt very soon, as the China Communist Party plans a big celebration for its 70th anniversary in power. The celebration could be pretty provocative, and the people of Hong Kong can take it as an insult.

These are big things, and they could just as well affect the overall state of affairs in Macau.

What Exactly Happened Between Adelson and Trump?

Now, Adelson is not really a good guy overall. If you know a thing or two about him and his Las Vegas Sands, you probably know that he is pretty much openly advocating against online gambling, making a real obstacle to many potentially great business opportunities.

Adelson is simply not accepting the fact that the industry is moving forward, but he has his own reasons for doing so.

Nevertheless, in this story, he is a good guy. Reportedly, he had a private phone call with Trump and told him that the whole trade war thing with China should end as soon as possible. Now, he did not tell it exactly like that, and the real nature of their conversation will remain closed to the public.

However, people have their reasons to believe that Adelson doesn’t like the trade war thing a bit, mainly because he sees a big business opportunity in China, predominantly Macau.

So, why would Trump listen to Adelson at all? Well, Adelson was one of the main supporters of Trump’s candidacy, meaning that he invested a lot in him. He played a big part in financing the campaign, and his voice kind counts when he wants Trump to do something.

It’s not certain whether Trump will actually listen to him regarding the China issue, but it’s definitely something worth taking into account. Adelson has an operating license for Macau until 2022, and he simply has to ensure that his business in that area is not destroyed by some of Trump’s actions.

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