Station Casinos Is Set to Pay an $80K Fine for Post-Game Gambling Despite Feeling Vindicated

Station Casinos got an $80,000 fine last Thursday from the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC)for taking wagers on sporting events whose outcomes have been determined. The commission accused the company of willingly taking extra bets after the events had ended.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) also filed a complaint against the gaming operator in September 2021. This was after it announced a server malfunction that made its mobile sports gambling app accept 167 wagers on completed sporting events.
This was in addition to similar activity that was discovered in June 2018. The NGCB notified the company about a violation it committed three years ago. Almost all the 350 unlawful bets that it took were from June 2018 to March 2021.

Even so, it later voided the wagers. Last week’s NGC meeting entailed a 25 minutes discussion of a settlement between Station Casinos and Nevada. The casinos’ officials accepted the fine without denying or agreeing to the board’s allegation.

Some respondents admitted their failure to have virtual servers that run their mobile sports gambling application. John Michela, the State’s gaming senior deputy attorney general informed the gaming commission that their failure could have made the casino accept past-posted bets.

he upheld the discovery that it poorly maintained its virtual servers. This was after a few respondents made a response to a 2019 “order to show cause” including violations about maintaining servers. The order clearly stated that Station Casinos required redundancy in checking all its gambling processes to prevent its application from accepting bets on events that have ended.

The Casino’s Vindication

Marc Rubinstein is Station Casinos’ attorney. He informed the NGC that an error in the bookmaking software increased the filling rate of server memory banks thus causing the app to take incorrect wagers.

The attorney responded to the show cause order stating that the casino’s officials were certain they could solve the error and prevent it from recurring. They would set up alarms on each server to alert relevant personnel when a device approached its 85 percent capacity.

Rubinstein stated that this measure might not solve the issue fully. Even so, he claimed that the NGCB doesn’t have to command the casino to take more action. Still, an unmonitored server reached its capacity in March 2021 and made the issue reoccur.

Several other similar incidents have occurred in the past and the memory issue didn’t cause some of them. Rubinstein accused some bookies of taking such wagers saying that the issue prompted the casino to get determined to settle the case fast.

Station Casinos feels it is vindicated, from its point of view, in its position that the complaint ought not to have been filed as it is already solving the issue. Besides, it would be costly to litigate.

The Casino Is Shifting to a Different Platform

Station Casinos is currently changing its bookmaking technology platform. GAN Limited agreed with it in October 2021 to build another infrastructure for its STN Sports activities.

The new platform will include mobile apps, kiosks, retail and online infrastructure at its 19 Nevada casinos. The casino’s attorney added that GAN might take 18 months to get a gaming license in Nevada.

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