Revenue in Mississippi Casinos Up With Sports Betting

The casinos in Mississippi reported great gains from gaming after only one month since the introduction of the legal sports betting in this state.


Mississippi Gaming Commission (MGC) issued figures during the previous week where they show that the revenue from gaming in August was $181.7 million. Compared to the same period in the last year, one could see that there is a jump in revenue of 7.5%. However, there are also three casinos from the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians that are located in this state but are not included in the final calculations of the revenue.

When it comes to the geographical divisions in this state, the most dominant was the coastal segment, where the improvement was 10.5% and it earned a total of $108.7 million. On the other hand, the northern segment of the country did not do as well, but it still reported a jump in comparison to the August 2017 – it is a jump of 3.3% and it earned $49.6 million. The central segment had only 3% gain and earned a total of $23.3 million.

August was a great month for the casinos in Mississippi as it was the first month when the sports betting was fully available for the casino visitors. The legal sports wagering bought a total of $6.3 million worth of revenue in the period during the last month. The numbers are a bit different than the handle figure that was issued by MGC during September. However, that also involved the September’s first three days which were also the first weekend when the NFL action started – and that really made the difference.

Out of the $6.3 million, baseball seems to be the most popular sport for sports wagering as a total of $3.3 million came only from it. The football is on the second place and the figures state that a total of $1.3 million were bet on it. $1.4 million were generated by sports parlay cards. Basketball was not doing very well in this country and managed to contribute with only $97k, while all of the other sports managed to combine a total of $154k.

According to the sportsbooks of this state, $645 of that bounty went for them which is a total of 10.3%. Football still topped the lists when it comes to honors, with $243k, parlay cards were second, and baseball on the third place with only $164k.

When it comes to the gambling revenue, Mississippi was one of the four states in the USA that actually reported a decline in year-on-year revenue in 2017. The overall fall was 2%, according to the American Gaming Association and their State of the States report.

For three months in a row, Mississippi saw a decline compared to the last year, but that was followed by the two months of gains. The decline continued, however, during June and July, but August saw an increase once again. Sports betting may not be directly connected to this, but it certainly did contribute to it.

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