Culinary Union Is Not Happy with Casino Group Refusal of Legalization of Lottery to Fund Mental Health

The Culinary Union is pushing for the legalization of a Nevada lottery. Unfortunately, the union has faced opposition from a casino group that represents casinos in Nevada. The labor union representing hospitality workers in Nevada has had enough and is calling out the casino group.

Ted Pappageorge released a statement for the Culinary Union soon after the Nevada Resorts Association gave its position about the legalization of a lottery. The association had talked to the Nevada Independent, about the gaming industry`s contributions to politics.

The Culinary Union supported Assemblymember Cameron Miller for proposing the creation of a state lottery. The lottery would be used to fund mental health services in the state.

Most states except for five including Nevada have a state lottery. The state would have to amend its constitution to end the lottery ban.

The Culinary Union is Disappointed with the Resorts Association

Pappageroge described the Resorts Association`s reaction as incredibly disappointing. The Secretary of the Culinary Union was not happy that the casino group was content with the state ranking last for youth mental health and education.

The Mental Health America`s State of Mental Health ranked Nevada last in 2021 and 2022. Pappageorge called the casino group to do better for the state. He gave an example that the Culinary Union representing over 60k people advocated for working families.

The Culinary Union has gone against Big Pharma in the past. The union fought to ensure that the company was transparent about asthma and diabetes drugs. Pappageorge`s union also spent 25 years fighting the end of surprise medical bills for residents.

The union secretary promised that this year would be no different. He confirmed that the Culinary Union would continue to campaign for its members and Nevadans to have better health care.

A Call for Constitutional Amendment

Assemblymember Cameron`s proposal is to amend the constitution to allow a state lottery. This means that Nevadans would have to vote to amend the constitution once it passes the legislature. Voters last voted to allow charitable lotteries in 1990.

The state has attempted to legalize a state lottery. These attempts usually fail. However, it might be different this time because the Culinary Union is behind the initiative.

The union knocked on 1 million doors last year. Their goal was to get casino workers to vote blue. This means that the union is influential and a perfect tool to push the legalization of a state lottery.

Data Support Culinary Union`s Advocacy for Mental Health

The union representing hospitality workers has good reasons to advocate for mental health. The union has cited several studies to support its decision.

For instance, the Pew Research Center asked American parents several questions. They drew several conclusions including that 40 percent of the interviewed parents were worried about their kids being depressed or anxious.

Only 22 percent were worried about their kids becoming gun violence victims while 23 percent were worried about their kids having problems with alcohol and drugs. The COVID-19 health emergency also turned an eye to mental health. For instance, the World Health Organization conducted a study that showed the rise of depression and anxiety by 25 percent in 2019.

Based on this data, the Culinary Union wants the state to have a consistent mental health service funding stream. The service will benefit teens and children in the state.

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