You Can Improve in Poker More If You Have Friends

Playing poker with friends is a very entertaining event. However, there’s always more thrill when we actually take part in tournaments and face people we don’t know. Moreover, tournaments definitely offer more money and help us gain more experience in this card game.

Yet, we must not forget the most important aspect of poker and that’s community. We should never cease to have friends because the game would become rather boring in that case. Instead, poker players should always strive to make as many valuable friendships as possible. There are several reasons to do that.

You’ll Meet More Skilled Players

If you play poker actively, you’ll stumble upon hundreds of poker players out there. Unless you’re Daniel Negreanu or some other top-of-the-class poker player, [] you’ll have to accept the fact that there will be better players than you. They will have more skill, experience, and more wisdom about the game. These are the people you want to be friends with.

The truth about them is that they are actually willing to share numerous tips and tricks about their play. In fact, they may not have that many secrets at all, and are often willing to discuss poker with anyone. After all, it’s not about what you know but how you execute your knowledge in the game.

Meet Players Who Are Different Than You

There are millions of people playing poker, and every single one of them is a different person. We all incorporate our personalities in the game, and it takes a lot of practice to be able to control what we do and how we think and not let our “gut” dictate. Nevertheless, even the best poker players in the world approach poker with a bit different attitude, simply because there’s something so unique in them that reflects in the game.

You might be making mistakes you don’t know about. That’s why it is very important to meet poker players who don’t have the same approach to the game as you do. Once you understand all the little things that make you different poker players, you’ll be able to use some things consciously and improve your poker game.

Study Your Poker Idols — And Try To Imitate Them

Whenever we learn a skill, we start by learning the basics. However, when we want to master it, we need to study carefully what the best in the world do in order to be the best. The same rule can be applied to poker as well. Luckily for you, there are tons of video content of your favorite poker players performing live. It’s up to you to study everything you can about them and try to apply the same techniques when you play poker.

Make sure to pay attention not only to how they play cards but also to how they talk with others, what their body language looks like, and more. This is especially important if you’re playing live poker.

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