Talking to Other Players – What Not to Do in Poker

Some things in poker are overall considered bad, such as cheating or playing really slowly. On the other hand, there are things that are overall good for the game, such as the influx of new players and the legalization of the game all over the US. But many times, you’re the one who decides whether things are good or bad, and one of them is talking.

Talking in live poker games is not forbidden. In fact, it’s even encouraged in more casual games. However, you need to stick to the one golden rule here — whatever you do at the table conveys information.

Professionals can deduct your emotional state just by the tone of your voice and the way you speak, so if you’re not 100% sure in your speech, then avoid talking. But if you talk, there are some strict no-no’s as to what you shouldn’t talk about.

Don’t Talk About The Hand That’s Currently in Progress

The most important thing is not to talk about the hand that’s currently being played. It may affect other players, and, ultimately, it may affect you.

Something like speculating other players’ hands is just something you need to avoid if you want to be respected as an opponent. It’s simply bad behavior.

Don’t Ask Questions If It’s Not Your Turn

The rule of thumb is that you can ask questions such as “How much is the bet?” from time to time, but only if it’s your turn to do it. If you keep asking questions when it’s not your turn, you risk being considered non-professional, or just plain charlatan. Therefore, keep your cool until it’s your turn, and when that happens, ask about anything that’s confusing you at that moment.

Trash Talk Has Limits

Ultimately, you don’t want to trash talk other players at all. It’s simply not profitable, as not many players would actually fall for that trick and tilt. Even if you do trash talk, make sure to have limits that will not go beyond what’s considered “good behavior.”

For example, saying “I wouldn’t play this hand if I were you,” is something that could be considered negging and make your opponents think twice about their hand. Yet, saying something like “are you that stupid to call my bet?” is definitely out of the question and is simply not good for your reputation as a poker player or as a person.

Don’t Talk About Poker Strategy

Poker strategy should be discussed, but also up to a certain extent. There are players who talk about strategy all the time, as they want to prove their poker knowledge to other players, yet just by doing that, they prove otherwise. Why would you let someone know what type of strategy you use in the first place?

Don’t Try To Justify Your Actions

If you lose, don’t try to explain to your opponents that you did a great job. Sometimes, the element of luck matters, and you should just accept that fact. Explaining your actions will not make you earn more chips. It won’t make you a superstar player, either.

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