John Monnette Returns With a Bang After Winning His Fourth Bracelet Against Nate Silver

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has a way of capturing fun’s attention for whichever reason. But, it becomes news when a player is missing in action only to return with a big win. This brings us to John Monnette, who was having some challenges in the game until his victory on Saturday morning against the founder of the predicative website, Nate Silver.

With only the top players featured in the final table, John’s win was classic. On Saturday, ten players returned for the $10,000 Limit Hold ’em Championship. These players were top professionals, with most having several championships up their sleeves.

John was among the players with the least stacks, having 270k. Other top pro poker players featured on the final table include Jason Somerville with 650 chips, Ray Dehkharghani with 315k, and John Racener with leading chips of over 1million. But, all eyes were on the founder and statistician Nate Silver.

Nate manages scientific poker analysis, which means he had all the skills and tactics to win the Limit Hold ’em final table. Nate started with 440k in chips.

All Players Went in Hard

Every player at the final table spends some time leading. Racener with the highest stack lost it to Scott Tuttle, who did not hold the position for long. Terrence Chan knocked out Tuttle with a poker hand that left Dehkharghani with 50k in chips. This left him vulnerable, leading to him leaving the table under the hand of Eric Kurtzman.

Chan exercised some of his skills, pulling out a 400,000 chip lead over Racener. As he added to his chips, Chan exposed himself to Monnette, who ended up getting a huge amount from him. Although Chan retained the leading position, Monnette was quickly climbing up the ladder.

A little later, Christopher Chung finished eighth while Tuttle took seventh position. At this moment, Chan and Kurtzman tied in chips with 1.5 million while Monnette has gathered 1.1 million.

Silver had to go in hard by getting enough stack to rub shoulders with the first three players. Somerville flopped an ace-high straight against Nate, who got a seven to create a set with the river pairing the face-up cards with another ten giving him an upper hand. This led to the cruel elimination of Somerville.

It was already dark, but players were yet to take their dinner break. Moments before the break, Chan was eliminated under the hand of Monnette’s Big Slick preflop lead. Chan has a Jack on the flop while Monnette has an Ace, creating a better pair than Chan’s.

It Was the Longest 2021 WSOP Final Table

Six hours in play after the dinner break, no one had claimed the championship. Silver came out of the edge by getting several chips from John. Eric Kurtzman started losing his chips, eventually leaving the tournament, taking third place, leaving Silver and Monnette for the heads-up.

With the heads up starting, Silver was leading in chips with 600k. But, Monnette soon won several only to lose it to Silver, who ended up having a 2:1 lead. The two continued to play it out until they were forced to play blinds leading to John taking the baton, winning the Event #16 Championship and his fourth bracelet.

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