Wan Wins 2020 Aussie Millions Main Event

One of the most important poker festivals, the Aussie Millions, has come to an end. The competition that is considered the highlight of the festival is the Main Event, and it wrapped up recently with Vincent Wan claiming the trophy.

Wan, who is known as “Wonky” among poker players, managed to best the field of 414 entries and win the heads-up part of the game against Ngoc Tai Hoang. After Hoang hit the rail, Wan was able to lift the trophy and ended up winning a total of A$1,318,000.

Wonky has been somewhat of a regular in Crown Casino, where the Aussie Millions took place. He even managed to win two Royal Flush jackpots in the casino, winning six-figure scores both times. However, winning the main event means that he also managed to win a single seven-figure score in Australia.

Hoang entered heads-up play severely short-stacked. Therefore, Wan did not take long to win the last part of the Aussie Millions Main Event. Nevertheless, Hoang set a record of a sort, even though he finished the game as the runner-up.

Namely, he managed to take home a total of A$1,318,000 and became the player from Vietnam to have won the most money in a single poker event ever.

The reason why he won the same amount of money as Wan is that the players who remained in three-handed play decided to split the amount according to the number of chips they had left in the game at that moment.

At that point, both Wonky and Hoang basically had the same number of chips. The players resumed the game after the deal was struck, but Hoang managed to lose a lot of chips even before reaching heads-up.

The Final Table — Who Else Almost Made Aussie Millions?

The final table consisted of seven players in total, and the first one to hit the rail was Nicolas Malo from Canada, who won a total of A$240,080. He was soon followed by a German poker player named Oliver Weiss. As the sixth-place player, Weiss earned A$307,820.

The next one in line was a US poker legend, Erik Seidel, who ended up fifth and won a total of A$378,660. The last player to lose all his chips before three-handed play was Nino Ullman.

Ullman is also from Germany, and it’s safe to conclude that Germans did a pretty good job at this Main Event. He ended up his part in the competition with a total of A$480,160.

The remaining three players decided to make a deal, and the player who had the least chips at the time the deal was struck was Gareth Pepper. The New Zealander ended up with a total of A$1 million in his pocket.

The heads-up part of the event saw both players running out of focus and stamina. After all, they had had a long day and failed to concentrate. Wonky had a 7:1 lead at the start, so he did not take much to get all the chips and end the 2020 Aussie Millions Main Event in style.

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