Arkansas Poker Petition Facing Major Hurdles

PokerNewsDaily has reported that Nancy Todd, a political consultant as well as poker industry specialist, has been working hard to bring gambling options to the state of Arkansas. Todd has been behind a major push to bring a ballot measure to the November elections which would offer legal gaming outlets to the residents of the state. Players would be able to play casino games but especially the game of poker.

Todd wants to bring poker and casino options to the state not only for entertainment purposes but also for additional revenues to the state. Todd has worked tirelessly to gain support for the measure to be placed on this November’s ballot. A petition has been pushed in the state which is looking to create the initiative for the ballot for poker locations in Miller, Franklin, Crittenden and Pulaski counties.

The locations would be titled Nancy Todd’s Poker Palace and will be run by Todd as well as Entertainment Venues, LLC. The petition explains the business aspects which includes how the revenues would be divided and who would be allowed to participate.

The petition states the no one under the age of twenty one would be allowed inside the venues and the net revenues of the facilities will be taxed 12.5 percent. Several Arkansas groups would receive funds from the public schools to the veteran Affairs groups and the Children’s hospital.

The petition received great support in the beginning with just over 80,000 signatures in the beginning of July. The petition only needed 73,000 signatures for the measure to make the ballot but the review of the petition showed that only just over 23,000 of the signatures could be independently verified.

The new gambling measure is also receiving resistance from the state capital. Many are reluctant to begin offer gambling options. Many spoke out stating that Todd’s organization would be running a monopoly as they had decided how the revenues would be distributed. However, it was later found out that the distribution of funds was legally acceptable.

It was on July 24th, that Todd was given the information that the petition was not up to par with the signatures. Todd will have another thirty days to gather the required number of signatures for the measure to be added to the ballot. Todd countered that the petition work continues as she felt as though the number she had might not be enough once verified. Her group will continue to canvassing and will hope to make up the difference in signature numbers by August 24th, the new deadline.


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