Casino Patron Beheaded by A Brain-Hungry Murderer

Some casino stories can be turned into a movie, and this one, in particular, could be a thrilling horror as the events that took place after a nice night in a casino seem like nothing but pure fiction. Yet, they happened for real.

A person named Jeffery Glen Haverty pleaded guilty for beheading a person that he had met in a casino in Montana back in October 2017. The two men met at the casino and had a great time playing games. A third person named Donald Ray Cherry also joined the company as the three of them left the casino, having a great night out.

The victim, Myron Wesley Knight, had a great day at the casino as he won some money playing his favorite casino games. The two attackers seemed to have wanted to get their hands on that money and beheaded poor Knight. For some time, this case has been regarded as “robbery with murder.” Many thought that the two attackers just wanted money from Knight whose luck really turned upside down once he left the casino.

However, after Haverty and Cherry visited the court, the case got even more interesting as it appears that there is much more to it than just a robbery. In fact, the 32-year-old Donald Ray Cherry wanted to know what a human brain tastes like after watching a lot of zombie movies.

What Really Happened?

Haverty and Cherry were staying on October 26, 2017, at a transient camp which was located near the casino. Knight, who reportedly already knew Haverty and Cherry, was curious to see the place where the two friends were staying. Knight won a total of $120 at the casino, and it all seemed that Haverty and Cherry wanted to rob him, but Knight was cautious and gave his money to a worker in a casino, who was supposed give it back once Knight returned.

Once they started walking towards the camp, Cherry went to a local convenience store, meaning that Haverty and Knight were all alone. Haverty started robbing Knight for the money but failed to find it, resulting in Knight’s beheading. Once Cherry returned from the store, he assisted Haverty in finishing Knight and getting rid of the body.

Haverty made a plea deal to get a reduced sentence, and he stated that Cherry had been into cannibalism and that his motive was to eat a human brain. Cherry’s girlfriend also backed up this story after testifying at the court. Based on the testimony from the two killers and Cherry’s girlfriend, the sentence could be quite severe. As a matter of fact, Cherry is probably going to get 100 years in prison, while Haverty could end up with “just” 50.

If you are meeting strangers when you go out to a bar or a casino, or wherever, make sure to stay in crowded areas until you get to know them well. Some of them might be zombies.

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