Caesars Entertainment Announces Its Plan to Upgrade Its Atlantic City Casino

The latest reports state that Caesars Entertainment has spent a lot of money renovating its United States casino in the past few years. The gaming operator is currently focusing on an iconic property, Caesars Atlantic City. It announced that it will kick off the casino’s rebranding project in the summer.

The renovation includes many new restaurants, a spa, and an improved hotel tower. Also, it will renovate its rooftop pool and lobby.

Caesars is willing to spend $200 million on the project and will complete the renovations in a few weeks. It has stated several times that it intends to make Caesars Atlantic City a leading tourist destination.

Still, it plans to do other renovations in the future. For example, the gaming company will invest $400 million in the Atlantic City market by 2023.

The Renovations’ Unveil

Caesars announced its renovations plan for its Atlantic City (AC) casino on Tuesday in a press release. It has been among the most renowned casinos in the city for more than four decades.

The press release stated that Caesars wants to provide players with an unrivaled resort experience. It will spend about $200 million on this year’s upgrades and the initial renovation plans are to improve its valet and hotel lobby options. They will feature a minimalist and sleek design which creates a luxurious appearance.

The lobby will have other upgrades besides getting a new design. Caesars declared that it will add a Starbucks coffee shop in the lobby and upgrade the outdoor pool. Its pool upgrades include a cabana, an improved rooftop spa, and adding new furniture.

The Restaurants and Hotel Tower Upgrade Plans

Caesars Entertainment wants to improve the dining options and upgrade its 750 guest rooms besides renovating the lobby and pool. The renovation plans include regular suites and rooms.

Interior Image Group designed the new décor that Caesars intends to use. It will add a Japanese design to the Centurion Tower’s top three floors while the Ocean Tower’s rooms and floors will feature a Roman design.

The gaming company is likely to open several new restaurants this summer. Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen is one of its new dining selections and it will be the first one on the East Coast. Caesars will launch a Nobu restaurant on its Atlantic City property.

Other Future Renovations

The $200 million renovation project that Caesars is currently working on will give it an edge over other gaming venues. It intends to spend $400 million in total in its Atlantic City investments to improve its position in the local gaming market.

The company will spend another $200 million on renovating other Atlantic City properties like Harrah’s and Tropicana casinos on the city’s boardwalk. They earned more revenue than Caesars Atlantic City in 2021 and they don’t need many upgrades like it.

Caesars Entertainment is determined to revitalize its AC casinos by improving their amenities. It is optimistic that more players will visit its properties once it launches the renovations. Still, the East Coast’s booming gaming market is promising as some players travel to distant states to play various games at local casinos.

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