BetMGM, DraftKings, and Global Payments Joins to Stop Fraudulent iGaming Activities

Gamblers and gambling operators have come together to learn how someone is stealing large sums of money from iGaming platforms. The story has been a mystery since it surfaced. But, several players have confirmed being scammed hundreds or thousands of dollars, with some losing up to $10,000.

This happens through online gambling accounts. For instance, Todd Witteles lost $10,000 from his bank account through a gambling platform.

The thief created an online account with the BetMGM sportsbook in West Virginia on October 20. The thief used Todd’s full name, the four last digits of his social security number, and his home address.

The scammer proceeded to transfer $10,000 through Global Payments from Todd’s account to the BetMGM account. He then moved $7,500 from the gambling account to Venmo debit Mastercard and then to another Venmo account. The thief completed the transaction of the remaining amount from BetMGM to the same final account.

Upon finding his loss in November, Todd reached other gamblers on Twitter. It was not difficult to find other victims because Angela Jordison, Joe Cada, and Joseph Cheong confirmed being scammed. Some players proved that they had evidence someone tried to scam them, but bank oversight stopped the transactions.

Upon realizing what was going on, BetMGM, DraftKings, and other operators started paying extra attention to new accounts. They started contacting new customers to verify their identity.

BetMGM and DraftKings account owners are not the only players at risk of losing their money. According to Tweets from Melissa Burr and Chance Kornuth,, FOXBet players are also targets. Moreover, the thief seems to use Global Payments to complete transactions.

The Ongoing Investigation

Unfortunately, Todd’s investigation hit a hard wall. He tried to analyze different victims` stories and reach out to Global Payments without success. None wanted to warn the public either.

The story took a new direction with sports bettors at DraftKings being scammed. Sports-focused sites reported the story, inciting involved brands to give an ear.

For instance, Global Payments issued statements. DraftKings also issued a public statement through its social media account. The firm also noted it was conducting an investigation and had found players had lost almost $300,000.
DraftKings also promised to return the funds. Unfortunately, WSOP, BetMGM, and other regulated gambling sites are yet to issue statements on their social media pages. BetMGM commented to Front Office Sports to confirm they were investigating the issue.

The brand also noted that players’ safety was important to them. Meanwhile, Global Payments issued a statement to exonerate itself.

The payment processor claimed that it had not experienced a security breach. Their spokesperson insisted that there were no fraudulent accounts opened with them.

Global Payments also claims that protecting clients’ data is its top priority. The company is working to ensure clients who lost their funds get refunds.

Protect Your Money

Your first instinct is to change passwords for your online gambling accounts. While this is a good idea, it might not work because thieves seem to use another method to steal.

According to Melissa Burr, you can close all bank accounts that have used echecks to fund your online accounts. She also suggests changing the email address for every gaming account you have.

Phil Galfond suggests contacting Global Payments through to remove your checking account. Above all, look at your bank statements and online gaming sites.

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