Colorado Witnesses Its Biggest Heist at Monarch Casino

A robber stole $500,000 in cash at the Monarch Casino on March 12. A report from investigators states that a teller left the casino with $500,000 in cash early in the morning. They later identify her as Sabrina Eddy.

Even so, Eddy attempted to collect $50,000 in bricks from the cage vault at 12:45 a.m., according to video footage. An affidavit from a Division of Gaming investigator added that Eddy put stacks in one box whenever she collected them. She later cleared rags inside the box before taping it at 12:55 a.m.

The robber left the casino cage, headed to the parking garage, and drove off in a gold minivan. Investigators stated that Eddy returned to the casino after an hour, took four bricks of bill worth $500,000, and left again.

Ron Kammerzell, the Colorado Division of Gaming’s former head commented on the incident, saying that the woman had to bypass many security controls in the property to make such a robbery. He added that he has never had a theft of that magnitude in Colorado since it legalized gaming in 1991.

Monarch Casino’s policies allow the police to investigate such incidents. So, the Division of Gaming will work on it to determine what occurred so the gaming operator can prevent a similar theft in the future. Suzi Karrer, the Division of Gaming’s spokeswoman, didn’t comment or answer any questions about the robbery.

The Theft Scene

The casino’s officials confirmed that the robbery occurred and didn’t offer a lot of information due to the ongoing investigation. Erica Ferris, Monarch’s spokeswoman stated that they have been lucky in the past since unfortunate things occur in enterprises sometimes.

Did Eddy Admit to Robbing the Casino?

The affidavit says that Eddy assumed that her bosses instructed her to pick the cash, and she didn’t violate any rule. She informed the investigators that a man called the casino’s phone, claiming he was its head of operations. The caller, and another man that Eddy suspects to be a cage manager, sent texts to her saying that the property was experiencing a UPS order.

He urgently needed money or Monarch would breach its contract. The two men instructed Eddy to deliver the money to an attorney. She took the box to St. Anthony’s Hospital, and a man approached her door at 4:36 a.m. to pick it up.

Eddy tried to call the two men who told her to pick up the money, but they ignored her call. This prompted her to call Monarch Casino to alert the management that she was returning shortly.

The investigator’s affidavit stated that Eddy alerted her bosses that she had taken the money from its premises and was afraid the police would arrest her. She informed the investigators that she understands the casino’s procedures but failed to follow them since she got urgent instructions from a “Casino Member.” The police later took her to the Gilpin County jail, and she didn’t post bond.

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