A Mississippi Couple That Was Caught Cheating at Rivers Casino Has Been Finally Charged

A Mississippi Couple That Was Caught Cheating at Rivers Casino Has Been Finally Charged

As human beings, quick money is something we would want as long as we don’t land in jail. A casino provides its customers with the convenience of earning money while playing a game or engaging in a hobby. Cheating is a common phenomenon practiced by many to earn more in a short period of time.

Thanks to technology, it’s quite hard to cheat the house. Casinos have cameras trained on every table, and the staff is on the lookout for suspicious activity.

Yet, some people are still able to cheat. The casino industry loses tens of millions of dollars each year.

A good example of cheats is a couple from Pittsburgh, Danielle Derohan and Shaun Benward. They cheated by using distraction tactics at the roulette wheel. As a result, they are now facing charges.

The Tactics They Used

Investigators believe the couple collaborated at the roulette table to defraud the system. They managed to earn well above $10,000 before they got caught.

The couple was able to complete the action a few times within a 24-hour period before they got caught. Benward often bought in to play and then used his skills to distract the dealer.

Derohan would keep an eye on the spinning wheel to observe where the ball would land. She then secretly told Benward where the ball landed, so he could wager properly. Benward handed the dealer his wager and thus, won the round.

This wasn’t Benward’s first time to get in trouble in Pennsylvania for cheating. The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board placed him on the Exclusion List in 2015 after he engaged in illegal activities. The board added him to the Exclusion List back in 2015 after conducting illegal activities.

Apprehending Criminals

Casinos got accustomed to players attempting to trick the system through a variety of cheating strategies and schemes. Installation of security cameras has solved this problem. Thanks to top-notch security, the board’s officials can catch dubious players in the act, either on the casino gaming floor or afterwards, after spotting the action through replays.

From late bets at the table to card counting, a variety of schemes have been tried in the past. Although some methods, like card counting, are legal, the casino retains the right to kick out a player. The actions of the Mississippi couple are illegal and can lead to charges.

Customers try to cheat, and on the other hand, casinos can also steal from their clientele. Methods used include using a rigged roulette wheel, false deals, false shuffles, and cuts, using cold decks, loaded dice, false advertising, mail fraud, rigged video poker machines, rigged drawings, corrupt regulators, and using a computer to gain an edge over the players.

Detection of cheating leads to charges that range from facing jail time, fines, or even exclusion from the casino. The casino’s locations, as well as the state’s rules, like those in Pennsylvania, also determine the charges.

It’s unclear what kind of accusation the Mississippi couple will face. As they attend court hearings, we will hear more about the case soon.

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