New NBA-Based Fantasy Game Released by FanDuel

FanDuel and the National Basketball Association are working together to offer a new fantasy game based on the professional sports games. InPlay was released just a few days ago and will provide daily fantasy sports enthusiasts a way to enjoy contests featuring NBA games.

In a press release on the launch of the new gaming option, NBA Senior Vice President, Digital Media, Melissa Rosenthal Brenner stated that the NBA is always looking at ways that the viewing experience can be enhanced, driving people to tune in to the broadcasts and increase the time spent watching live games.  According to Brenner, NBA InPlay has the potential to meet such objectives while still providing fans with an engaging new way to experience the game.

The new product was live on Thursday night for games being aired on TNT which included the LA Lakers vs. Miami Heat and then the Spurs vs. Clippers. The NBA has said that the InPlay option is a new mobile fantasy game taking place in real-time by using cutting-edge technology that is powered by FanDuel to synchronize alongside live national broadcasts of NBA games. National networks that work with InPlay include TNT, ESPN, NBA TV as well as ABC.

To take part, players will need to join in a public contest or create a private game with friends when an NBA game is telecast on the national networks. This is done by launching the application. The preferred team is chosen by the user for each game telecast. One player for each quarter is chosen by the user and then points are accumulated based on how the player performs in such categories as assists, rebounds, points, etc.

With each quarter, users have the option to use four ‘turbo boosts’ which will last a total of 48 seconds. Points will then be multiplied for selected players. This option should be used strategically to earn the most points.

The InPlay option is different than standard fantasy games as the success of the user is tied directly to the viewing of NBA games as they happen live and the making of decisions in-game in real time to be able to win. Users do not play with an entry fee like other DFS products provided by FanDuel due to legal issues. However, users can win prizes for participation in contests such as tickets to NBA finals as well as an Autotrader credit of $35,000. Users only have to be 13 years of age or older to take part and InPlay can be enjoyed in every state across the US.



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