NBA Teams on the Rise and on the Fall

Basketball Teams on the Rise

L.A. Lakers
The L.A. Lakers have had a rough start of the regular season, going on a 13 game losing streak. However, this has quickly changed and they are currently 4 – 5; they lost a very close match against the Spurs. Even with the rough start to their season, the Lakers should still be among the favorites for any sports bettor. We can already see why the Lakers are top contenders to win the NBA championship, and many hope that they play and beat the Miami Heat when that time comes. Betting on the L.A. Lakers is somewhat of a guarantee, since they are starting to prove just why they are playoff and championship contenders, and one to keep on the betting radar with their future odds of getting to and winning the NBA Championship being 15/4 odds when betting through the Bovada sportsbook. With their upcoming games against the Houston Rockets and the Brooklyn Nets, bettors should take the opportunity to make a sure bet on the Lakers.

San Antonio Spurs
Another great team that is not only on the rise, but has also been doing excellent from the start of the season is the San Antonio Spurs. They currently have a 7 – 2 record, and were even able to defeat the great lineup of the L.A. Lakers recently. They have a great offense, being able to get a great record so far in the season. Bettors should definitely wager on the spurs, especially against rivals that have weaker defenses than they do offense, as this is a sure way to get a win. The Spurs have somewhat good chances of actually winning the NBA title, with odds of +1000 at WagerWeb online sportsbook. On top of betting on the futures, take advantage of the next few games the Spurs have against the Denver Nuggets and the Boston Celtics this NBA season.

L.A. Clippers
The L.A. Clippers have been performing exceedingly well this season, already being able to get a 6 – 2 record, and have been on a 4 game winning streak. They just recently beat the Miami Heat and their incredible trio; just imagine what else they could do. The Clippers have been showing amazing skills offensively and defensively, and that should be a good indication as to why betting on this team has its benefits. With their upcoming games against the Chicago Bulls and the OKC Thunder, they will have some tough matches, but we have already seen how they play against these types of teams. The BetOnline sportsbook is giving them +2000 odds of winning the NBA title, but if they continue to play this way, they are certainly going to become top contenders.

Teams on the Fall

Chicago Bulls
The Chicago Bulls have been very wishy-washy when it comes to playing, as they have been constantly fluctuating between winning and losing. This may have a bigger effect on the fans and bettors that they could imagine, as the team has been performing well one game and not as well the other. However, as such, the Bulls may end up becoming a great Underdog that bettors can wager on, especially against teams with weaker defenses; as they have tougher times beating the teams with better offenses. Coming off of a road win against the Phoenix Suns may give them the motivation to continue winning. They have upcoming games against the L.A. Clippers, Portland Blazers, and the Houston Rockets; all on the road. The Bulls are being given odds of +1600 at BetOnline and +1500 at WagerWeb on winning the NBA Championship.

Boston Celtics
The Boston Celtics have started play well again, but that will not be enough for them to reach the top as they have in previous years. With players getting slower, the Celtics are relying more on Rajon Rondo than ever before to make the key plays. They currently have a record of 5 – 4, not the best record for a NBA championship contender. With their declining performance, bettors should start checking to see whether they would be a good Underdog to bet on or against. When they play well against teams that they have previously lost to, as they are highly adaptable, but when it comes to facing teams with new players/strategies, they do not perform as well. Check out their upcoming games and odds at Bovada, and go ahead and check and see if you want to bet on the 25/1 odds that they are given to win the NBA Championship.

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