Carbon Poker Migration Issues

Carbon Poker moved their players to its new Carbon Sports platform last week.  This platform is banked by Jazette Enterprises.  Jazette is the parent company of several sports books, including,, PlayersOnly and SuperBook.  These sports books are known throughout the gaming industry as low grade books.

The reason Jazette’s sports books get a low grade is because they have been known to cancel winning parlays only after the sporting events have ended and produced a winning parlay.  In many instances, Jazette has decided that certain parlays were correlated only after the event was over.  This means that one bet on a parlay was related to another event on the same card, such as betting a large favorite and the over on the same game.

While these issues with Jazette are a cause for concern, they have nothing to do with the problems that have appeared since Carbon Poker migrated to the Jazette platform.  The problems have more to do with unforeseen incompatibilities between Carbon Poker and the new cashier, as well as a lack of available banking options on the new cashier that were previously promised to players. Portals like CardPlayer and have also reported on similar issues sites like Lock Poker have had in the past regarding their own player migrations.

Long Usernames and Passwords Rejected

The first issue players discovered was that usernames and passwords longer than 16 characters do not work on the new platform.  These players were forced to shorten their username or request a new password.  This caused mass confusion among those players as they got locked out of their account after entering the same information as they did on the old Carbon Poker platform.  Both email support and Carbon Poker’s Two Plus Two forum support raced to help these players.

Email Addresses not Allowed for Logins

There were also issues with players not knowing that they could no longer log in with their email addresses.  Jazette uses a system that requires a login name instead of an email address.  The login name can changed through the player admin in the poker software.  There were also issues with players not knowing that their usernames were now case sensitive.  If a player logged in to their account but did not use upper case letters when their username contained them they would get locked out.

Players Had to Verify Accounts Again

Some players have complained that they have already verified their account with Carbon Poker but are now required to submit this information again to the Jazette cashier.  Carbon representatives state that the players that have already submitted their credentials in the old cashier will not have to do it again, but this is yet to be resolved.

Casino Self Exclusions Reversed

A responsible gambling issued appeared after the migration as well.  Players that self excluded themselves from the Merge casino found that this self exclusion was reversed and they now had access to the casino games again.  This presented a problem to some players with a compulsion to play house casino games.

Previous Cashout Requests Reversed

Players that requested a cashout on Carbon Poker before the migration, but had yet to have that cashout processed, found their withdrawal requests reversed.  This has been frustrating for these players as no withdrawal requests have been processed since the migration to Jazette over a week ago.  Players that requested a Western Union withdrawal do not even have that as an option at this time on the new cashier.

No New Withdrawal Options

Players were expecting bank wires to be offered in the new cashier and also expected Western Union to be an option in the new cashier as it was available in the Merge cashier to many players.  The withdrawal terms show bank wires as an option but they are not available.  The only withdrawal option currently available to players is a combined check and gift card option.  Players can make a request for a withdrawal and either a check or ATM style gift card will arrive.  Players do not have the option of choosing between them.  This presents a problem for players that were accustomed to receiving Western Union cashouts due to not having a bank account.  A player that unexpectedly receives a check may have a problem cashing it.

Western Union Deposits MIA

There were also problems with players that deposited by Western Union in the days before the migration.  Some of these players did not receive the money in their Carbon accounts as their deposit was picked up by an agent on the old cashier.  It seems these issues have since been resolved.

Players Cannot See Balances

Players have also complained that they cannot see their balance within the Carbon software.  They must log into their cashier or attempt to buy into a table to see their balance.  That is because the Carbon software is no longer linked to the network so the software does not have access to their balance.  This is a minor annoyance compared to the other issues, but an annoyance nonetheless.

Few New Deposit Options

Players were also expecting more deposit options.  Visa deposits were added, but do not have as high of an acceptance rate as players were anticipating.  Players were also hoping for more credit card options or even an ewallet.  None of this materialized.

Player to Player Transfers no Longer Available

One of the biggest complaints about Carbon Sports and the entire Merge Gaming Network is the removal of player to player transfers.  This was due in part to Carbon moving to a cashier system based in Antigua.  Gaming laws there prevent player to player transfers.  The entire network took on this policy.  It is very unlikely that this will change.

None of these issues by themselves would present a major problem.  When combined, it shows that there were many unanticipated consequences of the major move by Carbon Poker to the Jazette cashier.  The move is not yet finished and Carbon management is working hard to resolve all of these issues.  Hopefully they will be resolved before sister sites Aced and PDC Poker move to Jazette on December 1.

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