NBA News & Notes: League Continues to Announce Key Dates

As if it wasn’t exciting enough to hear that the NBA had agreed to return yesterday, today it only gets better. More offseason specifics and schedule planning, among other things, were approved today.

The fact that amidst all of the craziness in the world right now, we can be here talking about positive NBA news is truly fantastic. It is a welcome distraction and something to be enthused about.

A Look at the League Schedule

As it stands right now, NBA training camp will begin on June 30 for all 22 teams, and they will travel to Disney World a week later to continue with their preparations. They will have 24 days there to make all their arrangements and get ready to play, before the regular season resumes on July 31.

The final day of July would be synonymous with the MLB trade deadline in a normal year, but well, this year is anything but normal. This year, it holds the key to every basketball fan’s heart, and it will be a day when a record amount of microwave popcorn is being made in households across the world. The NBA Draft Lottery will be held on August 25 to determine who ends up with the top pick in the draft.

Should the NBA Finals go seven games, the last contest could be played on October 12. With every team playing eight games before the playoffs, a late August start to the postseason would be likely. Sixteen teams will be left to contend for the Larry O’Brien trophy after that, with six teams heading home for the shortest offseason ever.

Key Offseason Dates

Once the season ends, there is a very short wait for more basketball action. The draft is going to be held on October 15. Players will report to their teams, and then three days later, free agency will be resume again. There is usually not a lot of time between the draft and free agency, but even more so now.

The FA period will be shorter than ever this summer because the tentative date for next season’s training camp is November 10. This means that there are only three weeks between the first day of free agency and everybody meeting for their pre-season workouts and practices.

The season would start on December 1 as it is slated right now. It would be less than two months after the finals, but it would be a small price to pay for winning the title this year. Everything will take some getting used to, after all.

In a summer that was supposed to hold the Tokyo Olympics, the NBA will be the most prominent event taking place, with the NHL coming in right behind it. And the fact that they were able to reach this agreement marks a monumental win for all involved.

Everything in 2020 seems to be unprecedented, and that includes this weird playoff format that has come as a result of the lockdown where all of these teams outside the bubble still have a shot at the crown. It will be very intriguing to see how this all plays out. There is surely plenty to look forward to in the realm of NBA hoops.

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