NBA News: League looking to keep fans interested with Instagram Live stories

Beginning two Mondays ago, the NBA started going live on Instagram at 3 pm ET every weekday. They have had a whole multitude of guests, with a different one coming on each day.

Personally speaking, this has been extremely enjoyable to see. To get the perspectives of not only individuals, but groups within the league has been enjoyable.

They have had guys like Mo Bamba, and Damian Lillard together with CJ McCollum. Elena Delle Donne was there too. Trae Young was a host as well. And while all we are doing is watching the players we normally see on the court, it serves as a connection to the game and proves that it is still relevant.

This is something that the band AWOLNation has also been doing at the same time each day, though there is not an official rivalry between the two.

More specifically, two recent Instagram Lives that the NBA did topped the rest by miles. On Friday, Stephen Curry hosted the program. And he brought several different players on to talk about life and then do trivia.

And out of all of the guys that came on with him, it was his brother Seth Curry that secured the best score. Something JaVale McGee joked was “insider trading.” Curry has always been one of the more likable personalities in the league, and he further proved it with his likability as a host here.

He had his brother Seth and JaVale, as well as Patty Mills of the Spurs on too. And it turned out that a game-winner by Mills ended Steph’s Davidson career altogether.

So many anecdotes that we may normally not get to hear, coming to life amidst this crazy time as these players publicly speak. And it is really great to see. Steph also conducted a tremendous interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci on his own Instagram a few weeks ago.

Solid Pairing

And Monday, it hit a new high. Ian Eagle, who has never been on Instagram in his life, was hosting from the NBA’s account. He conducted an interview with Joe Harris, who it turns out never uses the account he has.

His sister manages his page and does all the posting, liking and commenting. There is likely not another time where we could have found out such information.

Ian has always been one of the league’s top broadcasters, and this further solidifies it. He had a 30-minute long Q and A session/conversation with the player whose games he broadcasts every night.

The rapport was strong, and nobody has an easier time making viewers laugh than Ian Eagle does. It was must-see “TV,” watching them banter, and uncovering all these different things about Joe.

There are still plenty more exciting stories to be told through this process and guests that nobody is expecting will likely be coming on. The best part is that there is no publicly-released schedule of hosts, so every day at 3 pm ET, a new surprise hits.

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