DraftKings Launches New Leagues Feature


In anticipation of the upcoming football season, DraftKings has announced a new feature for members to enjoy titled ‘Leagues’. The new option became available this past Tuesday and will allow users to gather a group of individuals together to take part in private DFS contests. Players will create and compete in such contests that will only be available to those who received an invite. The new Leagues feature will have a leaderboard which will help members of the group to see how well they are competing against other players.

The idea behind the Leagues feature came from member feedback. In speaking with Legal Sports Report, Paul Liberman, the co-founder and COO of DraftKings, stated that the brand heard a lot from members when DraftKings was started saying that the product was cool but it was hard to play with friends. It took some time to consider what could take place and what was needed to allow friends to compete together. The overall goal, according to Liberman, was to create an almost private version of DraftKings for groups of friends.

With the new Leagues feature, there are certain functionalities. Leagues are not necessarily limited to single sports but can be if the group so chooses. Individuals can play and track any sport that DraftKings provides within the same league. The contests within the Leagues can be customized as the players would like, be it free or paid entry.

Members of the league have the option to choose an individual contest or not as contests are made available to anyone who is in the league. There is a recurring contest mode which will allow the league to run the same contest each week without having to set up the contest each time. Invites to a league within DraftKings can be sent on Twitter, Facebook, text messaging or email.

With the new feature being released just in time for the upcoming NFL season, it will be interesting to see if players respond well to the new option.

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