Detroit Red Wings vs Arizona Coyotes Betting Preview

The Detroit Red Wings take on the Arizona Coyotes on Tuesday night for what’s expected to be one of the more interesting NHL games of the night. Both teams have struggled immensely this season, as Detroit has just 43 points and a record of 18-17-7.

This isn’t the first year that they’ve struggled, as this has been a long past few years for the fans down in Detroit.

Arizona, who has struggled recently, once again sits as one of the worst teams in hockey this season. They’re currently 13-25-5 and currently hold just 31 points.

Detroit is the favorite at -130 on the puck line.

Detroit Should Win in Arizona

Although Detroit has also struggled this season, taking them on the puck line for -130 odds on Tuesday night might not be a bad idea. While this team certainly has areas that they need to improve, they’ve still been a much better team than Arizona. That isn’t saying much considering how bad Arizona has been, but it’s the reality of the situation.

This is something new for Detroit, as they’re typically one of the best teams in hockey. For the past few seasons, they’ve struggled way more than anyone would’ve ever expected, but they still have some of the most success out of any franchise in the past few years.

Dylan Larkin has been the top player on the team, as he currently has the 55th most points in hockey with 39.

Coyotes Need to Take Advantage of These Games

It feels as if this is something that has been said too many times throughout the past few years, but at this point in the season, the Arizona Coyotes season is already over. While that might seem a little bit premature to say because things have happened that have been crazier than this, this Coyotes team simply isn’t good, and any chance of making the playoffs or any postseason aspirations are already down the drain at this point. They need a significant amount of luck if they want to sneak into the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean that things haven’t happened on par with this type of situation.

The reason for their struggles this year is because of both sides of the puck. They have nights where their offense can show up, but then their defense doesn’t do the job. On the flip side of that, they have nights with their defense can do the job, and their offense can’t put anything away. Because of that, they sit with the third least amount of points in the Western Conference.

Detroit Red Wings vs. Arizona Coyotes Prediction

Considering that the Coyotes have lost nine out of their last 10 games, taking the Red Wings to win this one certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea. The Red Wings haven’t been great either this season, but that would be the team that we would have to pick if we decided to bet on this game.

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