Carbon Sports Officially Launches

There is a new online sportsbook in the gaming industry for US players to choose from, and it is looking amazing. Carbon Sports is the recently added channel of the Carbon Poker group, who has expanded into sports betting. It is a completely new and revolutionary way of looking at the different sports matchups, as well as the betting process. As most know, the Carbon Poker website and services are run by Merge Gaming, but that is one aspect that is different when it comes to the Carbon Sports online sportsbook.

There are many different benefits of being a member of the Carbon Sports website, including a fast and secure cashier that offers a wide range of options for their members, a cashier that is different from Merge allowing for other options in case Merge runs into issues. There are other perks, like being able to know which side a particular bet is leaning towards. They offer a large variety of different sports, along with their respective limits and betting types, and up to $500 in your initial deposit welcome bonus.

Available Sports Options at Carbon

At the new Carbon sportsbook, members can enjoy from a wide variety of different sports to bet on such as NFL, NCAA (football, basketball, etc), CFL (Canadian Football), NBA, NHL, Soccer, Boxing, Horse Racing, Car Racing, Tennis, Golf and more; members can wager on national and international sports matches, and even use their live betting feature to wager on the games as they are currently being played – also known as real-time betting.

There are betting limits of course, depending on what sports you choose to bet on, so be aware of these limits, which include from $220 on previous days all the way up to $11,000 on the day of the game; this will of course vary according to each sports, game, day, etc. but overall, those are the 2 main extremes of the betting limits.
These are the general betting limits, so for other parlay and live betting limits check out the FAQ’s at

Carbon Sports Cashier

The Carbon Sports cashier is completely independent of the Merge Gaming Network’s cashier as mentioned above, and as such it comes with many different perks for the sports bettors. With Carbon Sports moving away from the Merge Gaming Networks cashier and using an independent stand-alone cashier, it will drastically improve the banking services for their members.

This will reduce wait times, which have always been an issue with depositing and withdrawing funds through the Merge Gaming cashier; as the amount of members and requests coming from the different websites due to system lags; overall, sports bettors will see a big difference when they request payouts.

This move will not only benefit the members of Carbon Sports, but also the whole network as it will reduce the amount of payout requests and it will make it faster for members of the other websites.

How To Deposit and withdraw money from Carbon Sports

When bettors are ready to fund their betting accounts, they need to simply log into their account and hit the Deposit button, which should be in multiple locations around the sportsbook and account page. Here, the bettor simply pick from the different options available to them. For U.S. sports bettors they would use their VISA credit card or a Cash Transfer, while international bettors get the added options of using Skrill and NETELLER on top of the other options too. Your banking information must be the same as your account information, or it will not be processed. Simply enter the information required and the amount you want to deposit and wait a few minutes for the funds to be posted; remember, the more you deposit, the more free bonus money you will get.

When bettors are ready to cash out, they need to go to the cashier page and select which method they prefer to use. For U.S. sports bettors, they offer them the option of receiving the payout through a Check or Gift Card, and for international bettors they have the option of requesting the payout through Skrill or NETELLER. Payout times will differ, as the request must be reviewed, so be sure to verify how long each option could take.

Obviously the new channels at Carbon Poker are quite new, so stay tune for more and more updates coming, more releases, more fun and exciting news at

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