Start of the 2012 NBA Regular Season

The NBA regular season has finally started once again, beginning on October 30th. It began with a couple of great games, including the Dallas Mavericks against the Los Angeles Lakers and the new rivalry between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs. NBA fans from all over are waiting to see just what the new season has in store for them, as many teams have acquired great players, while others have improved on their own.

Lakers Losing Streak

Even after acquiring several new players, the Lakers have been in a losing streak. It seems that Steve Nash and Dwight Howard have not been able to get the Lakers the success they have been able to in the past. With already two losses to start off the regular season, the Lakers are still struggling to get back into playoff condition. The Lakers have a world class starting lineup, but what they lack is better chemistry between the players. It could be that too much talent on one team is a bad thing. They lost against the Mavericks 99 – 91 and again against the Portland Blazers 116 – 106. The season is just beginning, so let us see how it all unfolds.

Who knows when the team will start playing with better chemistry, but one thing is for sure, they have the talent to make it happen. The team is no longer that reliant on Kobe Bryant, who is now sharing the scoring board with more of his talented teammates including Dwight Howard who has so far scored an average of 26 points in the first two games. Steve Nash, the new Lakers guard, has not been able to get into the groove yet, as he has struggled during the two first games with the team. We hope to see him work his magic like he did with the Phoenix Suns.

Great Matchups

Spurs vs. Thunder
Even with the regular season just starting, there have already been some great games. Among them, two great teams had their first regular season matchup against each other on November 1st, where the Oklahoma City Thunder played against the San Antonio Spurs. It was a great match between two very strong teams. The OKC Thunder showed incredible speed and ability on the floor and managed to keep the game pretty tight the whole way through. They eventually lost to the Spurs 86 – 84 thanks to a last minute jumper from Tony Parker.

Many did not expect for the score to be so close throughout the entire match, but both teams surprised their fans. The Spurs had the experience of Tim Duncan, Boris Diaw, Danny Green, and Tony Parker, who all managed to score in the double figures, while the Thunder has the ability and skill of Kevin Durant, Kevin Martin, and Russell Westbrook, who also managed to score in the double digits. We expect to see this same level of skill throughout the rest of the season.

Heat vs. Celtics
This rivalry has been going on for a while, last time they met was during the NBA playoffs last year with the Miami Heat managing to beat the Boston Celtics, and having them move on to the finals to win against the Thunder. The defending champs would play against the Celtics at home, and many believed that the Heat would not be up to the challenge. This is where the Heat stood out above the other NBA teams, as they have a great lineup that is always looking forward to the next challenge.

The Heat’s lineup, including Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh led the team to a great victory over the Celtics, ending the game 120 – 107. The power-three of the Heat managed to score 74 of the 120 points, even when LeBron was taken out for a while due to leg cramps. The Boston Celtics were outmatched, but still held their own on the court. With Paul Pierce scoring 23 points, an incredible effort by Leandro Barbosa scoring 16 points off the bench, and with the amazing skills of Rajon Rondo with 20 points, 13 assists, and 7 rebounds.

The Heat may be a powerhouse, but the Celtics are still great contenders. We will have to wait until their next matchup to see if the Celtics can get some payback.

With this said and done, the season is just starting, so it is a little too early to be saying which teams will be victorious or not. There are plenty of NBA teams that have become great in the past seasons, and are now showing their true potential right off the bat. Continue watching and enjoying all of the NBA matchups, rooting for your favorite team!

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