PokerStars Reclaims Its First Position From GGPoker As It Maintains Market Lead in Pennsylvania

PokerStars and GGPoker go head to head, competing for the first spot in the global cash game rankings. These two brands are each other’s fiercest competitors.

For the first time in a while, GGPoker was the leader. But, PokerStars has returned with a bang and taken back its first spot. This is according to reports provided by PRO Data and GameIntel.

PokerStars’ market has been going down since the beginning of this year. Its concurrent players were 8400 at the height of lockdown. In July, this number had reduced to slightly over 4800 simultaneous players.

In the same timeframe, GGPoker has had fewer losses. It even took the lead for the first time in 15 years.

On June 20, 2021, GGPoker overtook PokerStars. The two had slightly above 5000 concurrent cash game players. GGPoker then had an increase in player traffic with over 250 players for six days. 

But, on July 21, PokerStars recovered and had increased concurrent players while GGPoker’s player traffic decreased. This ultimately put PokerStars back to its leading position.

The Return to Glory Could Be As a Result of New Rewards

The competition between two of the biggest online poker platforms is expected. However, new rewards by PokerStars have hugely contributed to the brand’s return to first place.

Several weeks ago, Flutter, the parent company of PokerStars, realized and addressed its shortage of generosity towards its customers. It pledged to fix the issue by adding several new rewards to its online poker platforms.

Currently, PokerStars is testing out a new rewards system. The test phase will end on September 20, 2021. The global leader selected 20 percent of its player base to participate in the trial period of the new rewards system.

These players are getting up to 65% cashback, among other perks. During this trial period, PokerStars is collecting feedback from players to determine whether the trial is a success or not.

Depending on this feedback, the brand will decide to roll out the reward system to the rest of the player base. Although the program is benefiting only a fifth of all player base, there has been an increase in player traffic since the reward system was announced.

PokerStars Is Still the Market Leader in Pennsylvania

Since Borgata PA and BetMGM PA entered Pennsylvania, they started stripping away PokerStars PA revenue, albeit slowly. However, these two brands were not enough to lead to low earnings for PokerStars.

But, with PA entering the market mid-month, PokerStars PA market share might decline. is another popular online poker room operator. With its attractive offers, it will attract a huge player base in Pennsylvania.

PokerStars and its partner Mount Airy continue to dominate the Penn marketplace. But, its revenue has reduced.

In May, the brand had a market share of 86.7 percent and an income of $2.6 million. In June, the market share dropped to 83.3 percent while its revenue reduced to $2 million.

During the lockdown following the spread of the coronavirus, PokerStars revenue increased to $5.3 million in April 2020. This number has continually gone down with the return of land-based poker rooms in the state. Although the brand is still at the top, we can’t wait to see how the market will shift with PA entering the market.  

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