Growing Your Poker Bankroll With Poker Loyalty Programs

Just about every online poker room offers a poker loyalty program of some kind that can be utilized to grow your bankroll. Some poker loyalty programs are better than others, but all hold value on some level.

Poker loyalty programs are based on a VIP Level, requiring point accumulation to reach the various VIP Levels. Other poker loyalty programs, especially those that run on a weekly or monthly rewards basis, just require point accumulation, without the occurrence of VIP Levels.

Poker Loyalty Programs – Cash Back for your Bankroll

The most common Poker Loyalty Program awards ‘cash back’ for points collected. For example, collecting 100 points may grant a $1 cash back reward. Another poker loyalty program may offer $10 cash back for every 100 points. While the latter may seem much more valuable, chances are it’s more difficult to acquire points. In the long run, they are probably close to equal.

Poker Loyalty Programs – Special Tournaments

Another poker loyalty program frequently offered also requires point accumulation, but allows players to utilize the points in a different manner. These are usually Special Tournament Entries that require a specific number of points. For example, a $1,000 Loyalty Freeroll may require 250 points to enter.

Free Merchandise from Poker Loyalty Programs

This particular poker loyalty program will not add to your bankroll, but many players like getting free merchandise. Again, point accumulation is required. Online poker rooms with a ‘Points Store’ or ‘Loyalty Store’ for example will allow players to trade in their points for various items at the poker room store. Full Tilt Poker, for instance, is well known for offering some of the best merchandise.

Poker Loyalty Programs – Reload Bonuses

Another benefits of poker loyalty programs can be offered via reload bonuses. This can be an excellent way to increase your bankroll. Loyal players – those who participate frequently in tournaments and/or raked ring games – will often be privileged to special promotions like reload bonuses. Different online poker rooms vary as to the value of the reload bonus. Some offer 15-25% reload bonuses, while others promote as high as a 200% or higher reload bonus to their most valuable players.

High Rollers Poker Loyalty Bonuses

Online poker rooms love high rollers! A high roller is a player who participates in high stakes ring games and large tournaments on a regular basis. Any online poker room with a VIP Level or similar promotional offer will take very good care of these players, offering frequent reload bonuses, high point accumulation and entry to big tournaments. The largest poker rooms who offer ‘Teams’ commonly provide high rollers with a shot at exclusive tournaments awarding the chance to join the Poker ‘Team’. For example, the Full Tilt Poker Team is a group of highly skilled poker professionals sponsored by the poker room to enter major, offline poker events like the WSOP, EPT, WPT and others.

Poker Loyalty Programs – Boosting Points

Most, if not all, poker loyalty programs are based on point accumulation. The fastest way to collect points in generally by playing in tournaments. Tournaments fees accumulate points at the fastest rate, usually X-amount of points per $1 in fees. For this reason, just any old tournament won’t due. There must be a buy-in and fee to collect points. Don’t confuse the Buy-In with the Fee! The average fee is based on 10% of the buy-in. This means a Tournament buy-in of $10 + $1 fee will acquire points, most often 5 to 18 points per $1, depending on the poker room. Again, just because the points granted are higher doesn’t mean it’s the better deal. Compare the point collection with the return ratio to determine the best poker loyalty program.

Be sure the online poker room you’re playing at offers a good poker loyalty program, and watch your bankroll grow. Always read the fine print. Know how much you must wager, contribute to the rake, or pay in tournament fees to collect points. Also be aware of online poker rooms that require the player to manually convert points to cash back. In this case, if the online poker room offers cash back monthly basis, don’t forget to convert your points as you may lose them when the month is over.

Each online poker room has it’s own rules regarding poker loyalty programs, point accumulation, conversion rates and expirations. Take a pain pill, squint your eyes and read the fine print – in the end, it’s worth the headache!

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