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It’s hard to imagine you could start out with absolutely nothing in the way of an online poker bankroll, and end up with a padded virtual wallet. Honestly, it’s not that uncommon. But with a little skill and a solid poker strategy, you can do just that.

Take famed female poker pro Annette Obrestad for example, winner of the first annual World Series of Poker Europe in 2007. Ms. Obrestad started out playing online poker, and as the story goes, never once made a single deposit into her poker account. Instead, Annette “Annette_15” Obrestad registered an account and began playing online poker freeroll tournaments.

It didn’t take long before Annette was cashing in these Freerolls, building her poker bankroll without ever spending a dime of her own money. Obrestad went on to win a rather famous poker tournament, not famous for its prowess – it was merely a $4 180-seat Sit’n’Go – but for the way in which she won. “Annette_15” claims she never looked at her hole cards, except on one occasion when faced with an all-in bet. She instead chose to base her entire strategy on her position and reading her opponents throughout the event. Needless to say, she finished in 1st place.

Is Annette Obrestad particularly gifted? Does she have a sixth sense for poker? Absolutely not. Heck, she was only 18 years old at the time! What she had on her side was intelligence. She knew very well the kind of strategy she would need to win a freeroll poker tournament. She had the patience to observe her opponents, one by one, and determine how they were playing; accurately predicting their hand strength through pattern recognition.

It doesn’t take a psychologist to figure someone out, and it doesn’t take a savant to realize that freeroll tournaments can be the easiest of all to cash in, if you just maintain a little poise on the virtual felt.

Winning Freeroll Tournaments
So what does it take to win a freeroll, building your bankroll for free? Think about it. There is no risk involved in a freeroll poker tournament, correct? With no risk, there’s no incentive to fight. No reason to play your strictest poker game. After all, there’s nothing to lose, right? That’s exactly what 90% of the participants in an online poker freeroll are thinking when faced with a marginally good hand and an all-in bet.

Most players will take more risks than they would if they had actually invested to play. This is where you sneak in and walk away with a substantial cash, if not a 1st place victory. Stick to your guns, playing your tightest poker strategy. When competing against loose players, a tight player will most always come out on top.

Most online poker freerolls with real cash up for grabs have a relatively small prize pool, like $50 or $100. The first place prize alone isn’t going to be enough to give you a comfortable bankroll, but it will get you started. Keep grinding away at the freerolls and building your free poker bankroll.

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