WSOPC High Rollers & High Rollers Main Event Wrapped Up

The first World Series of Poker Circuit stop in 2021 will take place online, and the plan is for all other stops to have the same format this year. The first stop is near the end, and many players already had an opportunity to receive a gold rind for their effort. 

One of them that stood out from the crowd was Finnish poker pro Eelis Parssinen, who managed to win several WSOPC events. Let’s check them out.

WSOPC Series: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event

The first victory that Parssinen managed to score was after he took down WSOPC Series: $1,050 High Rollers Main Event. A total of 666 players applied for this event, creating a total prize pool of $666,000. There were a total of nine players who managed to reach the final table, and all of them walked away with five-figure prizes.

The first player to hit the rail was Austria’s poker prodigy Thomas Muehloecker, who managed to win a total of $12,186.

The next one in line was Canada’s “Drsaplumbr,” who won $15,928 for their effort. The Canadian was followed by another poker legend, Ryan Riess, who represented Mexico in this tournament. Riess walked away with a total of $20,820 in his pocket.

Ireland’s “Kenniro” ended in sixth place, earning $27,213 for their effort. Fifth place was reserved for another Canadian called Timothy Cramer, who snatched $35,570. Another Canadian player, Farid Jattin, followed soon after, earning a total of $46,493.

The last player to hit the rail before the heads-up duel was Graf Tekkel from Russia. He earned $84,905, which was the result of a three-way deal in the end. Despite ending in third place, Tekkel managed to win the biggest prize.

Second-placed “kimokh” from Hungary earned a total of $79,999, and Parssinnen won $79,118 – the least out of the three.

WSOPC High Rollers: $3,150 Blade Bounty King

Parssinen had a great couple of days, as he managed to take down another WSOPC Event called High Rollers: $3,150.

He managed to outlast a total of 85 opponents and managed to snatch the biggest part of the $258,000 prize pool. Moreover, he even collected $53,156 in bounties, which is $43,000+ more compared to the player who was second in bounties (Wei Zhao, who collected $10,406). 

Parssinen’s final prize was $75,046, which was much more than any other player managed to make in the event. For example, his heads-up opponent “Norweg1anB4nk” from Norway managed to collect only $2,343 in bounties and earn a total of $24,208, which was the second biggest prize in the tournament.

Finally, Parssinen managed to win another non-WSOPC event on GGPoker called High Rollers Blade Opener $5,250, where he managed to bit Marius Gierse in the heads-up duel and win $59,484 after a heads-up deal.

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