WSOP Online — Interesting Hands That Took Place Last Week

The 2020 World Series of Poker Online is currently the most popular poker competition in the world, with some of the best players taking part in various events. When there are professionals playing the game, there are also many great hands, so we decided to pay attention to a couple of them and bring you the piece of the thrill that takes place all the time during the online version of the WSOP.

Let’s check out some of these hands.

Daniel Negreanu Strikes Again

Although Negreanu hasn’t still won any gold bracelets in the 2020 WSOP Online, he has been pretty active and managed to cash out many times. One of the most interesting hands took place during Event #68: No-Limit Hold’em Deepstack on Level 19.

Negreanu had a pair of black nines in his pocket in the cutoff, with 6.9 BB stack. However, Simon Lofber made a UTG raise to 2.1 BB and then reraised to 5 BB, with Negreanu being the next one to move.

What was interesting about his hand was that he had the identical hand that Phil Hellmuth had when he won the 1989 WSOP Main Event, so he decided to go all Hellmuth and shore, with Lofberg following his action.

The flop turned out to be a seven and a queen of hearts, and a three of diamonds, meaning Negreanu was still in the lead with a pair of nines against ace-king that Lofberg held in his hand. However, a king landed on the river, giving Lofberg almost a sure way to win. The only card that would help Negreanu was a red nine on the river, and it landed! Negreanu won the hand by sheer luck, streaming his excitement all along.

Maimone Lands Heads-Up Straight

One of the most important hands in Event #69: $1,500 Marathon took place when there were just two players left in the game — Nick Maimone and Diego Bittar.

Maimone decided to open from the button for 600,000, and Bittar was quick to call his move. After that, the flop displayed a five and a two of spades and seven of hearts. Bittar decided to check-call the bet of 445,000 and checked again after an eight of clubs appeared on the turn. However, Maimone decided to raise the bet for 756,000, and Bittar responded by raising to 2,004,00. Maimone called.

The board was completed with a nine of clubs, and it was time for a showdown. Bittar was the first to turn his card, having eight-five of clubs (two pairs). However, Maimone had a seven and a six, paving the way for a straight.

Although this hand wasn’t a decisive one, it was definitely important, as Maimone then managed to double stack size and have a 2:1 chip lead. Most importantly, he had a psychological advantage over his opponent after this hand. He didn’t take long to finish this event and emerge a winner, in the end, winning a total of $302,472.

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