“Why4bet” Is the Newest 888poker $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event Winner

888poker’s recent $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event was competitive as each player strived to win the most bounties after making $109 buy-ins. “Why4bet” stunned viewers when they outlasted their opponents at the final table to win a $8,224 total prize.

Billy_Slater won a $10,000 bounty after defeating a tough opponent. Still, they won over $9,000 in the May $100,000 Mystery Bounty Main Event.

The Event’s Largest Prizes

  • Why4bet from the UK- a $8,224 total prize; $919 bounties and a $7,305 prize
  • Swann97 from the UK- a $5,622 total prize; $282 bounties and a $5,340 prize
  • dali24 from the UK- a $4,454 total prize; $529 bounties and a $3,925 prize
  • YAMAHA1311 from Ukraine- a $4,414 total prize; $1,529 bounties and a $2,885 prize
  • s.totuli from Brazil- a $2,849 total prize;$869 bounties and a $1,590 prize
  • bzzbzzbee from Sweden-a $2,459 total prize; $869 bounties and a $1,590 prize
  • Smile60 from Canada- a $2,672 total prize; $1,477 bounties and a $1,195 prize
  • tutuia20 from brazil- a $2,402 total prize; $1,497 bounties and a $905 prize
  • WalnutPix from the UK- a $690 total prize; $0 bounties and a $690 prize

The Tough Battles of the Blinds

xxkim62’s elimination in 10th place let the remaining players to form a nine-handed final table. WalnutPix was the first finalist to get busted after using king-nine of diamonds to make a 10.5 big blinds open-shove that they lost to dali24’s ace-jack. Unfortunately, a jack landed on the turn and sent the former packing.

tutuia finished eighth with $2,402 after their ace-six suited lost to Why4bet’s pocket tens. Smile60 followed tutuia in seventh place with $2,672.

Why4bet busted bzzbzzbee in sixth place after they used ace-deuce to make a nine big blinds open-jam. s.totuli exited the event in the fifth position despite their ace-jack dominating Why4bet’s ace-deuce.

YAMAHA1311 left the table in fourth place leaving three Britons competing for the title. The player used ace-king to make a 14 big blinds all-in move before Swann97 used the inferior ace-queen to call them in the small blind. The latter’s move got YAMAHA1311 in a tricky position after a ten on the river completed the queen-high straight.

dali24 used king-ten of diamonds to stake their remaining 3.3 big blinds before Swann97 used jack-seven to call them and Why4bet used eight-seven. The duo had to land two pair on the turn but Swann97 won the pot.

Why4bet had a 56.3:47.3 big blind advantage over Swann97 when their heads-up battle began. They competed for over 20 minutes using various playing strategies.

Swann97 had the chip lead for a while before Why4bet got a full house sixes full of threes and Swann97 got threes full of sixes in a cooler hand. Yet, the odds favored Why4bet.

Why4bet jammed prompting Swann97 to call off their last 18 big blinds. the river bricked and sent the latter packing in second place with $5,622 as the former won the event.

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