Ultimate Poker Repairs Issues; Parts Ways with Iovation

Being the first legalized online poker room in the United States is tough and Ultimate Poker has seen several issues since opening day on April 30th. The site has been working hard to repair the issues at hand and changes have been made recently that should benefit the online poker site.

The Ultimate Poker site is only available to those in the state of Nevada and many players have had issues with the site such as logging in. The majority of the log in issues have been repaired. The major issue involved mobile devices and now these devices can be verified. Virgin Mobile, Cricket and Verizon mobile users should not have any more difficulties based on geolocation problems at the site.

To be able to play at the site, players have to verify their location which is done via the IP address or mobile phone usage. The above providers were not able to verify players due to a compatibility issue. This issue has now been solved so a greater number of players should be seen at the site.

Yet another problem was the fact that those who live near the borders of the state were having geo-location issues. Player’s cell phones were accessing outside the border cell towers and this was showing they were located outside of the state when they were not. The site is now working on this problem.

Ultimate Poker is also facing complaints from players who feel the site was rushed so that it could be the first in the US. Players have complained about the features of the site, including the software. Players were unable to automatically post their blinds for multi-tabling as well as resize tables, which is what most players want the option of doing. However, according to reports, the site is still in the ‘testing’ phase so the site should continue to improve.

Severing Ties With Iovation

In other Ultimate Poker news, the site has also cut ties with Iovation, a player verification service. This company is connected to UltimateBet and they are facing several issues that the poker site does not want any part of. The poker room released a statement on the defunct partnership which read:

“As of late Thursday night, May 9th, Ultimate Poker discontinued the use of all services from Iovation. We understand that there were concerns among some of our customers, we hope this makes our players feel more comfortable.”

The Iovation company is connected to UltimateBet which is known for a large cheating scandal which took place a few years ago. Tens of millions of dollars was stolen from players at the site by certain players who were able to see hole cards of other players to make winning decisions.

Greg Pierson, the CEO of Iovation, is the founder of Ulimate Bet and is connected to the cheating incident. Russ Hamilton was considering the person behind the incident but recordings were recently released which name Pierson as well as others as part of the scandal.

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