Ivey Faces Scrutiny From Crockfords Casino Over Alleged Winnings

Just a few days ago we reported the story of Phil Ivey and the lawsuit he’s brought against the Crockfords Casino in London. Ivey is currently suing the UK casino for not paying up around $12 million USD (converted from “£”) from last year when Ivey had a major win playing Punto Banco, a variant of baccarat. The casino has now responded to Ivey’s lawsuit and is accusing the pro of observing a flaw in the cards and taking advantage.

Ivey was visiting the casino with an unidentified female late last summer and played the Punto Banco game. The pro was playing against the dealer and began betting around $77,000 a hand. Later on, Ivey asked the casino to raise the stakes to around $230,000 a hand. The casino gave permission and over a three-night period, the pro and his lady friend were able to gain a very large payday.

The casino never paid up and Ivey filed a lawsuit. Now the casino is coming back at Ivey, stating that they believe Ivey found imperfections with the design of the cards and was able to use this to his advantage. The information supposedly helped Ivey to understand when certain cards were in play.

It is believed that a manufacturing defect could possibly have left small marks on the cards of which Ivey was able to detect. The cards were also supposed to be removed after the day and exchanged for a new set but Ivey allegedly got the casino to keep the same deck in play.

Ivey was only given his £1 million stake after he won almost $12 million USD by the end of the session. The casino withheld payment and Ivey now is seeking legal action to receive his payment. Crockfords is standing behind their claims and have stated they are having the security tapes reviewed by fraud prevention to see if any signs can be found.

Common sense makes one think that if the casino really thought Ivey had cheated would they not have pursued charges from the very beginning? Or at least report of the incident? The story continues and we will stay on top of any recent developments.

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