Ultimate Bet Cheating – Personal Account Information Exposed by Insider

Following the release of 14 more super user account names involved in the Ultimate Bet poker cheating scandal, we hear from the BrainWashdDoDo again the twoplustwo forum poster with insider information regarding the cheaters involved in what has become part two in the largest known poker cheating case online. NoLimitLeagues from twoplustwo summarized the information provided:

brainwashdodo made 2 very long posts showing Transaction Audits for PhilHelmuth, kid55 (Freddy Deeb), and –Fred- (no one knows who this is, a third party said they talked to Freddy, and Freddy says this is an account used by mgmt.)

-His 2 posts also contain 4 links to screenshots of an admin site used by UB employees. He shows the account info for kid55, mamamiya, buckskin, and ShaqTack

Some observations made by forum members at twoplustwo show that the screenshot involving shaqtack’s account discloses five usernames used by the player. 3 of which were listed by Ultimate bet as identified super user, or poker cheating accounts. If there are five, and three are listed, (ShaqTack, Slimpikins2 and Brone_in_l_a) it’s safe to say there are two missing usernames for this person.

NoLimitLeagues posed a question about the omission of these two names in the original release:

here is some data showing -Fred- transferring 10k to ShaqTack, according to this data, this account was closed on Feb 7th 2008 for FRAUD and was able to change his user name (Broke_In_L_A_, slimpikins2, whakme, HolyMucker). Why wouldn’t the last two names be on the list too? maybe they missed some. He started the account Dec 20th, 2005 and the name he used was Dan Francis from Franklin Arkansas)

The release was edited, the names added. This in the opinion of twoplustwo forum members proves that the screenshots are a reliable source of information, it also casts some suspicion on the investigation.

Why the community asked were the two names originally omitted?

More proof that UB is only admitting to the super users that we find. It is also proof that the screenshots are real. It is also proof that brainwashdodo is really a UB employee. -says TwoPlusTwo’s No Limit Leagues

During the Absolute Poker scandal we learned that an Online Poker Super User is created when a backdoor of sorts is left in the poker software that allows these super user accounts to see the whole cards of their opponents live as the game is being played. With that knowledge, the player knows when a bluff is safe, when they have the best hand, when to buy a pot and when they have to lay down their hands as their opponent just hit the nuts.

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