UK Abandoning Online Gambling Ads

The UK Times is reporting that plans to allow online gambling advertising on TV and radio in the United Kingdom may be abandon as Prime Minister Gordon Brown is reconsidering the country’s position regarding gambling live and online.

At present the on air broadcast advertising of any nature of gambling is banned in the nation. This covers all forms, including online poker room advertising. However, with the new Gambling Act being put into affect, former PM Tony Blair and former culture secretary Tessa Jowell were making progress to end the ban.

New culture secretary James Purnell told the local paper that church leaders who believe the advertising will lead to more problem gambling have expressed opposition to the end of the ban. For this reason, the decision to end the ban is being reviewed. Purnell will be reviewing the complete impact of the new Gambling Act and has the Prime Minister’s authorization to amend the plans as he sees fit.

The Gambling Commission had recently presented more information in relation to gambling advertisements and the rules and regulations following discuss with other organizations in the industry. The rules approach for gambling advertisement on TV and radio were intended to ensure the advertisements are socially responsible. The rules will shield children, young persons and other susceptible individuals from being injured or exploited by advertising that features or promotes gambling. Subsequent to consultations, the gambling industry has taken initiative to set up its own code of practices for advertising as well, according to the U.K. Gambling Commission.

“We welcome the industry code of practice which will supplement the CAP and BCAP codes of practice for the advertising and promotion of gambling,” said the Commission in a June 29 media release. “The Commission will monitor the effectiveness of the industry code of practice in delivering socially responsible advertising.”

The aforementioned guidelines were to go into effect coinciding with the Gambling Act in September. This may now change, as the culture secretary is reviewing the act, and maybe modifying it with the approval of the new prime minister. This shift in attitude is impacting the industry, and has business people world wide, watching England.

Prime Minister Brown was recently in the news for expressing reservations over the super casino planned for Manchester as the best option for helping create economic growth for the city. This is a 360-degree turn from Tony Blair, as he was supportive of both the super casino and the possibility of more in the United Kingdom based on results in Manchester.

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