The Legality of Internet Poker Yet to Be Decided by New York

The idea of making online Poker into law is not new to the justice system. For years, bills and motions have been introduced in the New York assembly, but little action is being taken towards pushing the bill to pass.

Today, the legality of internet Poker in New York suffered a major setback following a significant lift in opinions about the controversial bill that seeks to benefit the iGaming industry. Some back the idea while others detest the very thought of it. With both sides sitting on the far end of the fence, reaching consensus on the state of online poker is likely to take time.

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On the pro-leading team is Congressman Clyde Vanel. Vanel is spearheading the group of hopefuls in seeing the bill come to pass. His recent efforts saw some legislators sign a letter in favor of online Poker. The letter was stamped by 52 congressmen and sent to Carl Heastie, the assembly speaker.

The signed letter was a way of showing that the 52 legislators agreed with the idea of legalizing online poker in New York. Despite the efforts, the assemblyman could not reach his desired threshold that would see the idea materialize.

To see online poker legalized, Vanel needs to gather enough force that will propel the bill to victory. He desires to get his proposal off the ground and moving before things deteriorate further.

As for the antagonist side, they are either attacking head-on every move made or aren’t helping speed the approval. Nonetheless, their efforts seem to lag their contenders behind.

Gary Pretlow is one assemblyman who for years has stood in the way of Vanel. However, the enigmatic legislator’s track sheet contradicts his character as he is seen proposing ideas that support legalizing online gaming in New York. Nonetheless, his support always flip-flops from one ideology to another – even at times going against his very own.

In a recent interview concerning the state of gambling in New York, Assemblyman Gary Pretlow is heard talking highly about sports betting. However, when the issue of online poker is brought up, he seems to take a negative connotation.

His response to the question of whether or not sports betting would likely catapult online poker’s legality solidifies his stern belief on the matter. He replies with a quick no. To him, online poker is a work in progress that with time will eventually be accepted as a game of wit.

“Eventually, it will get there. But as per now, online poker has a lot of convincing to do among NY state lawmakers,’ He says.

Meanwhile, neighboring states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey continue with their legalizing process as they watch New York fall behind. New Jersey has set the ball rolling with a booming online gaming scene that is not slowing down anytime soon, and in Pennsylvania, they have set 2019 to be the dawn of online casinos and poker games.

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