The Latest PGT PLO Series $10,000 Buy-In Tournament Awards Lautaro Guerra $220,400

Five of the nine PokerGO Tour (PGT) Pot-Limit Omaha Series tournaments have been played. The second $10,000 buy-in event was the latest tournament. It attracted 112 layers who formed a $1,120,000 prize pool.

Lautaro Guerra was the last player left at the table, winning the $220,400 top prize and title. It was his second biggest score after winning King’s Resort’s €2,350 buy-in PLO tournament earning $234,328 in 2019.

The Final Table’s Payouts, Card Player Player of the Year (POY) Points, and PGT Points

1. Lautaro Guerra-$220,400; 600 POY points and 235 PGT points
2. Joni Jouhkimainen-$194,000; 500 POY points and 179 PGT points
3. Zhen Cai-$123,200; 400 POY points and 123 PGT points
4. Cliff Josephy-$100,800; 300 POY points and 101 PGT points
5. Josh Arieh-$89,600; 250 POY points and 90 PGT points
6. Bogdan Capitan-$67,200; 200 POY points and 67 PGT points
7. Jesse Chinni-$56,000; 150 POY points and 56 PGT points

Day 2 Highlights

Seven players advanced to Day 2, Joni Jouhkimainen having the largest stack. Guerra and Jessi Chinni were the table’s shortest stacks when the final day’s action began. But Guerra doubled up fast and improved his chip position.

Unfortunately, Chinni failed to improve and got busted in seventh place after Guerra used pocket aces to get a large triple-up. Josh Arieh (four-time bracelet winner) was in a tricky position after Zhen Cai’s single-suited A-K-J-2 outflopped his double-suited A-K-Q-10. Yet, Arieh didn’t give up and increased his efforts.

He tripled and later quadrupled up. Still, Arieh doubled-up and outwitted Bogdan Capitan. The latter’s A-K-J-8 with clubs lost to Guerra’s A-A-10-5 with spades thus leaving the table in the sixth position with $67,200. Arieh finished fifth after pocket sevens ended his run.

Cliff Josephy (two-time bracelet champion) followed Arieh in the fourth position after putting most of his chips in a preflop. He used overcards to move all-in on the flop against Guerra’s flush draw and pair.

Josephy wagered two pair and Guerra got a jack-high straight that earned him the pot. Cai exited the tournament in third place after Jouhkimainen’s 9-9-6-6 with hearts beat his k-10-8-8 rainbow.

The two players got a set each. But, Jouhkimainen’s nines were better sending Cai packing with $123,200. His exit set up a heads-up match between Jouhkimainen and Guerra.

Guerra had an over 2:1 chip advantage over Jouhkimainen. They switched the lead after the latter doubled up. But, Guerra regained the stack lead after a set-over-set.

They leveled the stacks and made a deal that guaranteed Jouhkimainen $194,000, and Guerra $200,400 as the winner would get the title, and an extra $20,000. A JSpade Suit10Diamond Suit4Diamond Suit flop made the pair get all-in.

Guerra used AClub SuitKHeart Suit10Club Suit9Spade Suit to get overcards, a gutshot, and middle pair as Jouhkimainen used QSpade Suit10Spade Suit9Diamond Suit7Club Suit to get an open-ended straight draw and lower kicker.

The JHeart Suit and 6Spade Suit turn didn’t aid Jouhkimainen hence ending his run in second place with $194,000. He is sixth in the player of the series race.

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