The 2023 PokerStars NAPT Entertains Spectators With Interesting Hands

Bryn Kenney (All-Time Poker Money list Leader) Accused of Running Cult-Like Cheating Operation

Griffin Benger and Eli Elezra are some of the players who bagged side event titles at the PokerStars North American Poker Tour (NAPT). Sami Bechahed won $268,945 in the $1,650 NAPT Main Event after beating 1,094 players. Still, the tour had several exciting hands.

Top Boats Becomes a Cold Deck

Jeremy Geist witnessed Cody Raymond putting 2,200 chips in the middle position to kick off the Main Event’s Day 1d Level 10 (600/1,200/1,200) action. Samuel Laskowitz folded it in the small blind before calling. A big blind fold followed after a few minutes.

A 4?3?7? flop occurred and Raymond placed a 2,200-continuation wager after action checked. It later folded to Laskowitz prompting him to make a 7,000 check-raise. Raymond called and 3? landed on the turn.

It made Laskowitz delay moving his cards for a while. However, the player later wagered 8,300 prompting Raymond to call and land 2? on the river.

Laskowitz went all-in as Raymond snap-called before revealing 7?7? for top boat. The former risked 3?3? for a cooler and turned quads. He won the pot and grew his stack.

Leonardo Boen Gets Quads

Connor Richards got lucky in Day 2’s Level 15 (1,500/3,000/3,000). Valentyn Shabelnyk made a 45,000 early position all-in move facing Leonardo Boen’s 9?9? in a big blind A?Q?.

A K?9?9? flop occurred putting Shabelnyk in a tricky situation and granted Boen quads. A 3?3? runout sent Shabelnyk packing. Jim Collopy exclaimed stating that that was Boen’s second quad.

The Runner-Runner Straight

Chris Land reported that action folded to John Morgan on Day 2’s Level 17 (2,000/5,000/5,000) prompting him to make a more than 100,000 late position jam. Yang Lu used A?A? to face Morgan’s A?Q? at a runout.

A 4?6?10? flop occurred and Morgan remained with runner-runner outs. K? landed on the turn earning Morgan running outs that helped him double up and extend his run. The J? completed Morgan’s straight and the board.

Wantman Bursts Turbo Nguyen

Matthew Wantman opened as Nguyen made a 37,000 three-bet jam on the button. The former used more chips to call.

Nguyen almost bubbled after a player got busted at a different table. However, a J?5?9? flop earned Wantman more chips. Nguyen stated that life was good before a 3?K? runout helped Wantman improve to two pair hence eliminating his opponent.

Girish Reknar Eliminated Jonathan Glendinning and Andrew Moreno

Richards won a three-way pot on the 7?9?8? at Level 18(3,000/6,000/6,000). Moreno and Reknar checked while Glendinning wagered 16,000. Reknar made a 50,000 check-raise and Moreno called.

Glendinning called prompting Moreno to make a 129,000 back-jam. Reknar made a 320,000 all-in move before Glendinning used 7?7? to call off his 200,000 stack.

Moreno got the straight’s lower end, and Glendinning held the bottom set as Reknar got an open-ended straight draw and a flush draw. Reknar got a flush from the 6? turn as the A? river didn’t pair the board.

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