Second PokerStars Boycott to End Tomorrow

PokerStars LogoWhile the first boycott against PokerStars back in December was in the news quite a bit, a second boycott that began on the 1st of January has not been so vocal. The first boycott was organized by Dani Stern and did not seem to affect the site in a negative manner. The goal of the strike was not to crush PokerStars in a monetary sense, but just give them insight as to how players felt about recent changes to the VIP scheme that affected high stakes players.

We have now learned that a second strike began on the 1st of January and will continue until tomorrow. This boycott was organized by several groups that include high stakes players of the site, Gypsy Team, Tiltbook and WeArePokerPlayers. On TwoPlusTwo, the groups came together to announce the strike, stating that they refuse to play at PokerStars for the seven day time frame and will be cashing out at minimum 10% of their bankrolls during the first day of the boycott.

There was not a huge effect in traffic when you look at the numbers from January 1st as compared to December 25th, a week before the strike. Both time frames are holidays so one would expect the traffic numbers to be lower overall. Funnily enough, PokerStars actually saw an increase in cash game traffic from the 1st to the 2nd of around 2,000 players, with the numbers steadily increasing as the 3rd and 4th arrived.

The overall cash game traffic may have increased in numbers but the high stakes cash game traffic did see a dip in participation. From the 25th to the 28th of December, player traffic ranged from 314 to 408 in high stakes cash games. When you look at the 1st to the 4th of January, traffic ranged from 224 to 323 in regards to high stakes games.

Concerning the boycott, if you go to, you can see the amount of players who have signed up to boycott PokerStars.  The number currently stands at 1577. This boycott also took place just after Isaac Haxton decided to not renew his sponsorship with the site based on the changes to the VIP program.


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